Four Races Could Be the Canary in the Coal Mine for California in 2024; Santa Clarita Dems Hardest Hit

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Four North Los Angeles races may be a window into voter sentiment this primary season. They also may dictate how well Republicans do in California come November. Across the board, these are some of the tightest races we have seen in the years of covering California, and this area encompassing Santa Clarita, the Antelope Valley, and parts of North Los Angeles was recently redistricted to favor Democrats and heavily canvassed by the California Democrat Party. But as the votes from the March 5 Primary are still being counted, Republicans are turning out to be the winners, while the funded and endorsed Democrats have been left out in the cold.

I attended three really fun Democratic events on Saturday! The first event was a canvass Day of Action in CA 27 with Santa Clarita Valley Democrats @SCVDems, California Democratic Party @CA_Dem, & Grassroots Democrats HQ @GrassrootsDemHQ#FreshResists #DemVoice1 #ONEV1 #wtpBlue I knocked on voters’ doors letting folks know how their extremist current MAGA Republican Congressman MAGA Mike Garcia votes with Trump & MAGA Republicans 95% of the time! 

Many voters in CA 27 are unaware of MAGA Mike’s extreme record! When voters learn about MAGA Mike’s extreme record, they are shocked, ready to VOTE him out! The voters I spoke to in CA 27 are committed to voting for Democrats up & down ballot in 2024! CA 27 is a district that President Joe Biden won by 12 points! CA 27 also includes part of CA state Assembly District 40 where Democratic Assemblymember Pilar Schiavo @Pilar4CA won in 2022 flipping AD 40 blue! It was great seeing Democratic candidates including George Whitesides @gtwhitesides for Congress running to flip CA 27 blue; Kipp Mueller @kippmuellerca running to flip CA state Senate District 23 blue (includes parts of CA 27); City of Burbank Mayor Konstantine Anthony @KonstantineinCA running to flip Los Angeles County Supervisor district 5 blue (includes parts of CA 27); & AD 40’s current amazing Democratic Assemblymember Pilar Schiavo (includes parts of CA 27)! 

Very PROUD to support all of these fantastic Democratic candidates & electeds!  CA 27 is one of the top red to blue seats in the nation that we must WIN to flip the House blue in 2024! By organizing & mobilizing in CA 27 now, we are educating & energize Democrats to vote blue up & down ballot in CA 27 in 2024!

As the scripture says, “Pride comes before the fall.” All this canvassing and fundraising was setting money on fire. If the red trend holds, none of these Dem candidates will see a win.

Let’s call it the curse of Christy Smith

You recall the Santa Clarita Valley (SCV) Democrat Club? No one would have had it not been for that September 2023 Drag Queen fundraiser mentioned in the X post above, which they hosted. It was at this same fundraiser that Burbank Mayor Konstantine Anthony decided that being spanked by a Drag Queen on camera was a great idea.


After the SCV Dems hemmed, hawed, and defended Anthony for his antics, they then turned around and denounced him for going on a certain radio show hosted by a pastor who is not down with the LGBTQ+ nonsense. The SCV Dems claimed that Anthony’s appearing on the program was akin to his support of LGBTQ hatred.

They finally decided to endorse termed-out Assemblyman Chris Holden, who was also running for the District 5 Board of Supervisors seat. 

Fat lot of good that did Holden or them. Incumbent Supervisor Kathryn Barger, a Republican, currently has over 55 percent of the vote and looks to be sailing into another term. Holden is far behind at less than 22 percent, and Konstantine Anthony? He’s barely hanging on to third place with less than 12 percent.

Since Anthony and Holden are without a political office to slip back into, they are essentially out in the wilderness. It couldn’t have happened to a pair of nicer pols.

Another SCV Dem-endorsed candidate, District 40 Assemblywoman Pilar Schiavo, is being ratioed into next week for trying to shame Republican District 63 Assemblyman Bill Essayli. Essayli accurately pointed out that the Haitian illegal criminal who raped a 15-year-old disabled girl in a migrant hotel in Massachusetts is the same type of vermin that the Democrat Supermajority were trying to protect from deportation using the now-defunct AB2031 bill. 

Essayli called her out, asking if she had read the bill, and then further nailed Schiavo to the wall with his own immigrant bona fides. 

This comment from my colleague in the legislature tells you everything you need to know about the Sacramento Democrat party.  I am the son of immigrants and a first generation Californian. We can all agree that our diversity contributes to building a better shining city on the hill, BUT the Democrat party’s open border policies stain our nation’s legacy as the melting pot of the world by allowing criminals and terrorists unfettered access to our border, resulting in harm and devastation to America’s most vulnerable. And they don’t give a damn who dies or gets hurt as a result.  They have abdicated their responsibilities to represent the citizens that elected them. Vote them out!

Oh, the citizens are definitely working on it. Schiavo is barely hanging on to a seat that she initially flipped with 511 votes in 2022. 

The comments thread reflected the disgust of Los Angeles citizens who piled on Schiavo’s stupidity. But the biggest ratio came from Patrick Lee Gipson himself, her AD 40 challenger.

Isn’t it ever a wonder when an elected official from our California State Legislature goes out of her way trips and stumbles all over herself. That very elected official is Pilar Schiavo. I served over 24 years in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. and in order to survive in a law enforcement career I had to learn self control. It was vitally important to remain calm and keep a cool head! My life actually depended on it. Then you have Pilar who lacks any self control. She lashes out at other Assembly members and displays childish drama. She is not anyone’s idea of what a State Legislature should be. Her behavior is shameful to say the least. Ask yourself a simple question. Do you feel disgusted? I certainly do. Defending California Citizens from murder and rape from illegal immigrants should be a priority! Especially if you are a woman! We will all decide in November who ultimately takes this seat. I sincerely hope and pray it’s someone with self control and common sense. The choice should be evidently clear.

It should be, and if the tide holds in Gipson’s favor, then another SCV Dem candidate can be shown the door. Ma tha Siobhan.*

The woman who Schiavo replaced, Republican Suzette Valladares, is now running for termed-out Republican State Senator Scott Wilks’ District 23 seat and is in the lead over SCV Dem-endorsed candidate Kipp Mueller.

But the biggest nail in the coffin of SCV Dem endorsements is former NASA chief of staff and aerospace and tech entrepreneur George Whitesides losing to incumbent U.S. Congressman Mike Garcia.

The curse of Christy Smith strikes again. Currently, Garcia has almost 55 percent of votes and continues to climb, which means that come November, Garcia will float back to D.C. unchallenged.

North Los Angeles could be the canary in the coal mine. The area is an outlier of below-the-line entertainment professionals, small business owners, and working-class families. They are fed up to the eye-teeth with the crime, malfeasance, and poor governance by Democrats. No matter what candidates the Santa Clarita Valley Democrats endorse and promote, as long as their party continues to offer more of the same, they are slated to lose this primary and in November.

*Ma tha Siobhan = If God is merciful.


  1. Democrats are creepy people. Just finished the two-part series Quiet on the Set about the perverts at Nickelodeon. I am willing to bet ALL of those creeps voted Democrat.


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