Fox News Analyst Remembers Brother, 18, Fatally Shot In Chicago


Fox News analyst Gianno Caldwell is searching for answers after Christian, his brother, was shot to death in Chicago on Friday.

Caldwell, a Chicago native said that he is looking for details from the police in order to find out who killed my brother. “[M]y little brother didn’t have a chance.”

Chicago Police Department (CPD), Friday reported that an 18-year-old male victim was killed by a gunshot to the torso in a shooting at 11400 block S. Vincennes Ave. The second victim, a 31-year-old male victim, was still listed in critical condition after sustaining a gunshot to the torso on Saturday morning. A 25-year-old female victim was also at the scene and received a gunshot injury to her leg. According to CPD, she is still in “fair” condition.

According to CPD, an unidentified male offenders entered a black sedan and fled eastbound from the scene after the shooting. CPD does not know if there are other suspects. CPD cannot share additional information as detectives are still investigating the incident.

Fox analyst, Michael Fox, said that he wanted the perpetrators in the death of his brother to turn themselves in and be brought to justice. However, he added that he hopes they can also be rehabilitated.

Caldwell stated, “Then one of these young men can turn their lives around and offer hope to others young men if there’s any hope of rehabilitation.” I would not want to see street justice or violence against those who murdered my little brother. However, I want them to be brought to justice. As a Christian who believes forgiveness and who believes there is another way for people who could do this, justice is what I want from Christian my little brother. That’s it.”

Caldwell and his brother were just two of nine siblings who were “really, really, really poor” as children. Caldwell’s mother was addicted to crack cocaine and Caldwell and his brother were placed with his grandmother, while Caldwell went to rehab.

“I was like his father because he had never known his father.” My three youngest brothers were my children, so I thought — they were mine. These are my boys, so I took care. Caldwell stated that he financially supported them, and continues to do so for my family.

Fox News’ political analyst said that he never thought this would happen for one of his siblings. His siblings were witnesses to violent crimes including the shooting of one brother in 2017. “His best friend also died in his arms,” he said. Caldwell never thought he’d lose one of his brothers in a violent crime.

Caldwell stated that Christian enjoyed sports, time with friends, and traveling.

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