Gallup: Voters Overwhelmingly Want GOP in Charge of ‘Most Important Problems,’ Reject Democrat Policies


While most politicians, media outlets, talking heads, and political pundits eagerly jump all over the latest poll results about whatever or whomever, most polls are simply snapshots in time (popularity contests, as it were), while some polls lay bare deep-seated trends, good or bad, depending on one’s views.

The results of a new poll from Gallup reveal a perfect example of the latter.

After more than 32 months of Joe Biden‘s presidency — arguably the worst presidency in at least modern history — likely voters across the board continue to reject Biden’s policies, and the objectives of a Democrat Party that bears little resemblance, if any, to moderate Democrat lawmakers of the past.

According to Gallup, while the Democrat Party and Republican Party are equally disliked by a majority of Americans, voters strongly believe the GOP is more likely to better safeguard the U.S. economynational security, and generically, the country’s “most important problem.”

On the question of which party is better able to handle the most important issue, Gallup said:

The recent poll … finds the Republican Party leading the Democrats as the party more Americans choose as better able to handle whatever problem they name as the most important facing the country. Forty-four percent say the Republican Party is better, while 36% name the Democratic Party and the rest say the parties are the same or have no preference. This is at a time when the economy, government/poor leadership, and immigration lead Americans’ open-ended responses when asked to name the most important problem facing the country.

‘Historically Ample Leads for Republicans’

The poll found that more than eight in 10 Americans disapprove of the job the politically divided Congress is doing — which historically isn’t exactly “Breaking News” — but nearly six in 10 disapprove of Biden’s job performance, and nearly three-quarters are pessimistic about the direction of the Biden economy.

In addition:

  • Fifty-three percent of Americans believe the Republican Party will do a better job of keeping the country prosperous over the next few years, whereas 39% choose the Democratic Party.
  • A slightly larger majority, 57%, have greater faith in the Republican Party to protect the country from international terrorism and military threats, while 35% favor the Democrats.
  • Fifty-three percent of people believe the Republican Party will do a better job of keeping the country prosperous over the next few years, whereas 39% choose the Democratic Party.
  • The Republican Party has led on this measure in all but two readings in the trend originating in 2002, but today’s margin is one of the widest in that more limited stretch of time.

The Republicans’ 14-point lead, with respect to ensuring that the country remains prosperous, is up from a 10-point margin in 2022 — and the widest margin since 1991.

Additionally, Americans overwhelmingly believe — by a 22-percent margin — that the GOP is more likely to protect the country from foreign military threats and international terrorism.

Is there any doubt? Particularly with respect to the threat of international terrorism, given the Biden Border Crisis and the ever-increasing number of illegal border-crossers from around the world.

Silver Platter, Golden Opportunity for the GOP

As I analyzed the results of the poll, I thought about the golden opportunity for the GOP, seemingly there for the taking, as Joe Biden and Democrats continue their damnedest to all but hand the 2024 general election to the Republicans on a silver platter.

If there’s ever been a better time for the Republican Party to avoid snatching defeat from the jaws of victory than in 2024, I’m unaware of when it was — so let’s don’t screw it up.


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