Gavin Newsom Goes To Texas Despite California’s Travel Ban


California Gov. California Governor Gavin Newsom visited Texas this weekend, despite Texas being banned by California as a destination for official government travel.

Newsom called Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis called Newsom a “bully”, and said he is more concerned about Tucker Carlson, Fox News host, than the former President Donald Trump.

California Governor also stated that Democratic candidates are “getting crushed by Republicans who dominate with illusion” and are timid.

California banned government-funded travel from Texas to 2017 because of laws that discriminated against LGBT persons. The travel ban currently covers 22 states.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau estimates, Newsom spent millions of dollars encouraging people to move from Republican to California. However, nearly 370,000 residents left the Democratic state between June 2021 and June 2022. Florida and Texas are the top two states where residents are moving.

At the Code 2022 conference, Newsom was asked why so many Californians have left California. However, Trump’s visa policies were not relevant to domestic migration during President Joe Biden’s term.


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