Giffords Exploits Lawless Late-Night Memphis Gathering to Call for More Gun Laws


Tennessee’s legislature is about to start a special session this Monday. It’s going to be bad news, as the Governor has been secretly meeting with lawmakers and hashing out some gun control legislation in response to the Covenant School shooting. (We still don’t know what the attacker wrote in her so-called manifesto, but the rush to “do something” is on.) As Cam wrote recently:


  1. Hey there “giffords” – I was at a location the other day when hundreds of rounds of gunfire ‘rang out’ – and the coppers didn’t do nothing. Please report this terrible incident to the lame stream media as soon as you can so ‘something can be done’. Thanks.

    Did I forget to mention this was at my local gun club under strict supervision? Oops my bad for not including that minor detail. See how selective reporting works?


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