Ginny Thomas Ruins J-6 Committee’s Plan to Destroy Her


On Wednesday, the big January 6 Committee extravaganza began again. Ginny Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, was caught in the midst of their manmade storm. “Getting” Ginny Thomas was their main goal, but Justice Thomas has been the focus of Left-wing nocturnal fantasies for many years. It is not surprising that the Committee wanted to get her dirty as possible. The Committee had to postpone the “Fall Season”, so that it wouldn’t be shared with the media like an act of God. Under the Klieg lights of Liz Cheney, no major announcements regarding Ginny Thomas were made.

Thomas met with Committee members Thursday and, according to all accounts, she did a good job. Thomas was asked by a reporter outside the office to which Thomas would be interviewed if she had spoken with her husband about a “stolen electoral” or “clearing her name”.

NEW: Ginni Thomas entered her interview with the January 6 Cmte. She did not answer questions about why she felt like she was there and whether or not she had spoken to her husband regarding clearing her name.

— James Levinson (@james_levinson), September 29, 2022

Later, she made an opening statement before Committee. She stated that she had not spoken with her husband about this.

Leaks such as this CBS News excerpt confirm the idea that the interview was about her husband being targeted.

CBS News was informed Thursday night by a source familiar with Thomas’s appearance before the committee that Thomas had made an opening statement. She stated that Thomas had not spoken to her husband in relation to pending Supreme Court cases. She called it “iron-clad rule” in her home.

She also stated to the committee that her husband was “uninterested” in politics and said, “I generally don’t discuss with him how I work in politics, what topics I am working on, whom I am calling, emailing or texting or whether I’m meeting.”

Ginni Thomas denied that her husband was aware of the texts she sent to former President Trump’s White House Chief of Staff.

As her attorney, Mark Paoletta, explained, “Mrs. Thomas was concerned about fraud and irregularities in 2020’s election. Mark Paoletta, Thomas’ attorney, explained that Thomas told him her main activity was to ensure that fraud and irregularities reports were investigated. She was not involved in any events that followed the 2020 election results.

The January 6 Committee, an inquisitive group of people who claim to care about millions of Americans, might be well-served by explaining to them how the election was not rigged against Joe Biden. That would be a big hit. They won’t mention the Zuck Bucks who worked at government election offices to deliver the Biden vote.

The New York Times claims that Ginny Thomas falsely claimed 2020 in a January 6 interview and that she denies discussing election subversion with her husband.

They should also ask why Ginny Thomas, a smart woman and political activist, thinks that the fair election process was subverted in 2020.

Ginny Thomas was also criticized for texting Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, to continue fighting for Trump. She also texted John Eastman who is being investigated for wrong-thinking about legal theories to prevent the election from counting.

The January 6 Committee was never a place to search for truth. It was more a platform to score-settling and criminalizing political speech. We are eager to see how Thomas’s testimony is interpreted by the Committee.

When Liz Cheney is not available, Congressman Bennie Thompson was the supposed head of this Committee. He said that he was glad she arrived.

The Committee has not yet announced the date of the next hearing or disclosed the number of episodes in the new, improved, boffo “fall” season.

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