Good Catholic Biden Wants to Normalize Abortion in a Sinister Way


Joe Biden believed that he was deeply rooted in faith and was a Roman Catholic.

When he was running for the presidency, he also changed from a “safe and legal and rare” Democrat to a passionate NARAL supporter and Planned Parenthood advocate.

I have been a Roman Catholic all my life and I can tell you that I am not a threat to the NFL’s thousand-yard running.

President LOLEightyonemillion has been an even more vocal supporter of abortion since his January 8th installation in the Oval Office. He has done nothing except wear a knit vagina cap and protest at Brett Kavanaugh’s home.

He wants to make abortion mainstream in America by using the power and authority of the presidency, in a way that only a federal bureaucrat can.

The story is

Joe Biden’s plan to expand Title IX’s definition of “sex” to include gender identity has attracted a lot of attention. The Heritage Foundation discovered, however, that Biden’s 700-page-long rule changes also include changing the definition of actual pregnancies.

Melanie Israel, of the Daily Signal, explains that “The Biden administration wants pregnancy to be redefined to include childbirth and lactation as well as ‘termination’–that’s, abortion. The three-pronged definition of pregnancy by the administration is a departure from the previous ones.

Israel said, “Abortion is currently an issue that falls under “sex discrimination,” but the Biden administration would make it possible for abortion to be included as an aspect.

This distinction matters. Biden’s revised definition would render abortion morally equivalent to having a baby to term, giving birth, and nursing.

It’s the same as having the baby up to the end of pregnancy.

A central component of Democrats’ efforts alters reality is to ensure words have no meaning. Democrats are gaining momentum due to the support they get from the academic world.

Joe Biden’s brain being controlled by a cabal that implements radical leftist ideology at will is the most troubling thing.

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