Google’s Anti-White Image Equity Fellowship Announces Winners


Are your early-career image-based creators self-identifying in the United States as white men or women? You will not be eligible for the Google 2022 Image Equity Fellowship.

Google announced recently the winners of the Image Equity Fellowship. This fellowship, which is application-based, is given to 20 early-career artists of image-based content. The fellowship will fund an image-based project that “explores, uplifts communities” and people of color. It will cost $20,000 Sponsored by Google, Aperture, and Free the Work

Self-identification of whites is against the guidelines.

Google informed applicants that the Image Equity Fellowship would consider any applicant who met these requirements. The criteria required that the Fellow identifies as a person of color (e.g. Black or Middle Eastern, Indigenous, Asian, or Latinx).

Tommy Callahan could, in theory, identify himself as a “person with color” to apply for the Fellowship.

This tactic works in 2022 for men who identify themselves as women and take part in traditionally male-only contests. Transracialism: By the transitive (or transgender properties) should also work here. A look at Google’s winners shows that nobody has attempted this stunt.

Not only does the Big Tech Giant openly support anti-white discrimination, but so are Pfizer and Amazon.

This is possible when Critical Race Theory can be applied to real life.

This society doesn’t view Americans as individuals but as a part of a group. Your skin color is the only thing that can determine your success in this world.

Dr. IbramX said that antiracist discrimination was the only way to end racism. Kendi, America’s most prominent CRT huckster, made his argument in “How to Be an Anti-Racist.”

Kendi stated that “the only way to end discrimination from the past is through current discrimination.” Future discrimination is the only solution to discrimination in the future.

Google created a Fellowship to discourage discrimination against self-identification by white people.

This is absurd and possibly illegal. This also makes America return to a race-based society. However, promoting such garbage is clearly evil.

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