GOP Candidate Slams Arizona Dem Over Sexist And Racist Remarks About Her Name


Arizona’s Republican presidential candidate to Congress raped a House Democrat for making “sexist and racist remarks” about her married name.

After Ruben Gallego made a slam of Tanya Contreras Wheeless’ use of her married name, the Republican seeking to represent Arizona’s fourth district in Congress fired back at Ruben Gallego.

Wheeless described Gallego’s comments as “disappointing but not surprising” in the release.

Wheeless said that Gallego’s “gross Attacks” have “sadly become too common in our political discourse.”

Gallego replied with a tweet attacking Wheeless’ over Wheeless’ name, telling people “give her credit for honesty she [is]] admitting she used her Latina lastname when she ran for office”.

This press release was born out of a Twitter spat between them, sparked by Gallego’s reaction to Wheeless’ comment on Jill Biden’s “breakfast tacos” remarks.

Gallego, who is running for Arizona’s Fourth Congressional District, also accused Wheeless as being “Latina Cuando le conviene” — Latina when it is convenient.

Wheeless was still being targeted by the Democratic congressman over her name. He claimed that Wheeless “hid” her last name to avoid racism from Arizonans ten years ago.

Gallego’s attack on Wheeless about her name comes amid the GOP primary race.

Although the attacks may seem strange, since the candidates are in different districts, they show the concern or fear expressed by Democrats about the possibility of the seat turning red.

According to Cook Political Report, the district Wheeless is running for Congress representation is only two points Democratic.

Many are also expecting big GOP gains in Congress, with gas prices at their highest levels and inflation at an all-time high, as well as the escalating crisis at the southern border. Republicans also get a slight boost from Arizona’s updated map.


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