GOP Mega-Donors Are Abandoning Trump, Does it Matter?


Since Jan. 6, 2021, the Republican Party has closely monitored the events. It appears that Donald Trump’s bid for the 2024 presidency is losing support.

One donor supporting down-ballot Republicans said, “Donors fear that Trump will lose in 2024.” One donor said that he doubted any major donor would support a Trump presidency bid.

Cassidy Hutchison isn’t the problem. Many Republican donors with large sums of money are less likely to support Trump.

This isn’t a new phenomenon. Many donors believe Trump should be expelled from the GOP.

But, mega-donors now look for cover after Trump’s recent revelations.


After Tuesday’s hearing, Cassidy Hutchinson testified. Eric Levine, an attorney, and long-time GOP fundraiser said that “Donors are very concerned that Trump will lose 2024.” “He noted that Trump was losing donors already. CNBC reports that Levine will host an event in New York in September for Trump-endorsed TV host Dr. Mehmet O.

This is the same theme Trump used to campaign for the presidency. Corporate leaders voted for Trump when it became clear that Trump would win the nomination.

The difference this time is that Trump’s 2016 donors are now his supporters

Trump’s staff would be concerned. Trump continues to receive large and small donations.

Taylor Budowich, the spokesperson for Trump, boasted of Trump’s track record of endorsing GOP candidates and their fundraising success.

Budowich said that President Trump’s endorsement record stands at 146-10 and that his Save America campaign continues to raise unimaginable amounts. “The American people still long for his leadership. ”

However, Trump’s aura is over and other candidates, including Florida Governor, are in the running. Ron DeSantis and former Vice President Mike Pence have raised huge amounts of money to help potential runs.

Trump won’t need to win the support of Republican whales to be successful in the primaries of 2022 or 2024. It won’t take long to raise a million dollars to challenge Joe Biden or any other Democrat that opposes him.


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