GOP Rep. Luna: I Want Biden to Be Impeached — I’ve Seen Enough


Monday, during an appearance on FNC’s “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL), a member of the House Oversight Committee, said she was ready to see President Joe Biden’s impeachment.

Partial transcript as follows:

WATTERS: Turn it over now to Florida congresswoman, Anna Paulina Luna. She is a member of the Oversight Committee.

So Congresswoman, what did you take away from the Devon Archer interview today?

LUNA: I mean, nothing that we didn’t suspect. I think that you did an incredible job explaining everything. You know, this is pay for play. This is something that we suspected, but this is just going along with the more mounting evidence that we have. And frankly, I really liked what Representative Biggs had stated after leaving that written transcription.

You know, we’ve been blockaded every step of the way. You heard last week or the week before last, IRS whistleblowers that were saying that literally the IRS was running cover for Hunter Biden because of his connection to Joe Biden. You literally have the FBI not following up on information and sourcing because of Joe Biden.

And now you have the Department of Justice that is literally not doing their job, so the only way that we will truly be able to present these facts to the American people and move forward with actually getting the evidence out there is to launch an impeachment inquiry.

And I have news for you, Jesse. I was horrified when I heard three Republicans from Senate saying that they didn’t want to move forward with impeachment for whatever reasons that this was just a tit-for-tat impeachment.

This is not just tit-for-tat impeachment. This guy is publicly corrupt. We’ve seen it. If anyone did that, if I did it, if you did it, we’d be in jail right now. So what gives?

WATTERS: What were the senators who said that?

LUNA: One of them was Senator Kennedy, I believe. And then the other two, I would have to recall their names at a later time, but —

WATTERS: Senator Kennedy from Louisiana doesn’t want to open an impeachment inquiry?

LUNA: He seemed very skeptical, yes. And so I’m asking those senators to reconsider because we have evidence that we’re bringing forward. The American people deserve answers. We’re being stonewalled.

This guy is sitting in the White House selling access to countries that don’t like the United States, and mind you, all of the Democrats that accused Republicans of being Russia collusion sympathizers, you have the president’s son working with Russian oligarchs, personally enriching their families. And yet, we’re just supposed to sit here and be quiet?

I’m done, Jesse. I want this guy to be impeached. I’ve seen enough.

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  1. She feels the same way most Americans feel, we are sick and tired of the double standards when it comes to justice for corrupt Democrat politicians. There is plenty of evidence to not only have Biden impeached but also to have him and his son imprisoned. The American ppl need to demand it happen.


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