GOP Senator Bill Cassidy Signals That He Supports Gun Control


Moon Griffon, a conservative radio host in Louisiana, affectionately calls Republican Senator Bill Cassidy “Psycho Bill”. He isn’t winning over conservatives back home.

Trump’s vote for impeachment after the January 6th riot was criticized by the state Republican Party. Trump also supported the bipartisan Infrastructure bill, which he famously defended but didn’t know what it contained. He has no admirers from either side for his dismissive attitude to high maternal mortality rates in the black community.

Rumors continue to swirl in Louisiana that Cassidy could run for Governor in 2023.

John Bel Edwards has reached the end of his term as Delaware’s Democratic governor. Democrats don’t have an heir apparent. Republicans are supporting several candidates that are almost all more conservative than Cassidy.

The U.S.Senator appears to want to take the Mitt Romney route. He wants to be the responsible moderate adult in the room, and he believes he doesn’t actually need conservatives to win a gubernatorial race.

His sudden desire to discuss gun control proposals by Democrats is evident now more than ever.

Cassidy a member of Democratic U.S. Senator Chris Murphy, Connecticut, said that federal red-flag laws and an increase in background checks for firearm sales were “certainly something we should talk about,” but did not endorse any specific measures.

Cassidy stated that “We must do everything necessary to obtain 60 votes to stop this from happening again.” ”

A GOP senator running in deep-red states will most likely say “Stopped Short!” when it comes time to endorse certain measures.

It is likely that none of these policies would have prevented the shooting in Uvalde (Texas), earlier this week. Multiple times, police were called to his home. It isn’t clear, however, if his behavior during these times would have resulted in the red flag laws we see elsewhere.

The idea of “expanded backgrounds screenings” is even worse. This will allow Democratic politicians to make it easier for Americans to be separated from their guns.

This brings us back to Cassidy. Cassidy is against his state’s attempt to create a constitutional carry bill. He must get to know his voters before he can be elected to the governor’s office. Not participating in these discussions.

Let’s face the truth, these policies shouldn’t be discussed unless you support them. Cassidy seems to believe that he knows more than the people who elected him to the Senate.


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