GOP Senator Nails Why Kamala Harris Was Really Picked as Joe Biden’s VP

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

This narrative has been floating around for years. For as long as Joe Biden has looked confused, misspoke, and showed signs of mental degeneration, there’s always been speculation regarding why Kamala Harris was picked as vice president. Sure, there’s the historical angle, but there’s always been a competing theory that it was to keep Joe safe from conniving Democrats at the national committee from replacing him. 

If Joe goes, Kamala is in, which assures a Republican victory. With the release of the report about Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified information, where Special Counsel Robert Hur noted the president’s severe mental decline, some attention has been paid to Harris’ role in the administration. But it was Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) who decided to hurl the first grenade: Harris was picked as a 25th Amendment insurance policy:

A National Review editor and former assistant US attorney, Andrew McCarthy, said the report presented enough evidence to invoke this. It brings new meaning to the Kamala tribute that the Biden White House posted, some of whom viewed it as a trial balloon.  

Harris did her duty as a loyal soldier when taking questions following her remarks about the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act. There was a meeting with local leaders at the White House today about addressing community violence. Of course, she was asked about the special counsel report, where she torched Hur, which Spencer covered earlier today. But then there were these moments that make the case for Democrats to stick with a man who reportedly forgot when his son died rather than entrust the nation with someone like Harris:

With Kamala at the helm, the Republican landslide is guaranteed. Are you kidding me with this? It’s why she’ll be put back into the cereal box from whence she came soon. 

Another reason Harris needs to move on from her dream of leading the nation is because she’s just as unpopular as Joe. The California liberal and Nikki Haley share one thing: they both have zero wins to speak of. Harris failed at increasing COVID vaccine participation and was, believe it or not, tasked with being the border czar of sorts at the outset of the administration. Harris allegedly hated the immigration assignment as it was seen as an issue that could imperil her future. 

When actual work and governance had to be done, Joe and Kamala became a gruesome twosome regarding incompetence. The word salads Harris has cobbled together could span the country, and it’s not like she doesn’t have a team that tried to manage these embarrassing gaffes. Reportedly, her office was a hellhole, riddled with toxicity that caused much of her senior staff to bolt for the exits.  

A dysfunctional office environment, an inability to keep good staff, and a reportedly temperamental boss—does this sound like an upgrade that Democrats yearn for after this Hur report? Kamala is a mini-Biden serving as VP and just as inept as her boss, selected for all the wrong reasons.

Yet, as Cotton noted, she does serve the greatest purpose, though she might not know about it. 


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