Gov. Kristi Noem Warns Biden Letting China Buy Chemical, Fertilizer, Food Processing Companies And Land In U.S.


Gov. Kristi Noem (R.S.D.), author of Not My First Rodeo. Lessons from the Heartland on Friday’s Breitbart News Day podcast, Alex Marlow warned about China’s purchase of U.S.-based food production resources.

Noem referred to foreign acquisitions of U.S. agricultural land and food production infrastructure as a threat for national security.

Noem called big city life a potential frustrator of social instincts and human needs. She said that small towns offer a greater level of social interaction and familiarity than big cities.

Noem stated that she has an amazing perspective that not many people have in the country. “They don’t realize how important it is — that interaction and sense community, people who stop to smile and ask how you are doing — that’s what keeps us humans alive.”

She continued, “It feeds my soul and it improves my mental health.” It is clear that so many people are continually challenged by the hustle, noise and lack of personal interaction in large cities. It really affects them over the long-term. It would be a good idea for everyone to go to the country and live in smaller towns that allow people to relax and understand that we are all part of one human being, and were created to love one another.

Noem warned that fatherlessness is a problem in America.

She said, “[My father] taught my things by giving me impossible things to accomplish and doing them.” … All of that teaches you how deal with other areas in life, and that’s something we are missing in this country right now.

Noem stated that fatherlessness is a contributing factor to children’s excessive use of television and video games.

She said, “We need to invest in our children and spend a lot less time on TV and playing videogames and entertainment than they are actually spending facetime with them and teaching them life lessons.”


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