Graphic Videos Show Palestinians Lynching Two Men, Blows Up the Idea of a ‘Two-State Solution’

AP Photo/Majdi Mohammed, File

Two men were lynched in the West Bank on Friday after being accused of collaborating with Israel. The alleged “spies” were murdered in the street while others filmed the carnage. Their bodies were then hung from a tower as a large crowd cheered in approval.

Pro-Palestinian accounts on social media celebrated the killings by claiming it was an act of resistance, though no evidence has emerged to confirm the claims that the two men were actually spies working for Israel.

(WARNING: Graphic content)

That this happened in the ostensibly more moderate West Bank says everything about the possibility of a “two-state solution,” something that President Joe Biden again pushed following the release of the first group of hostages. The Palestinian Authority pretends to be more level-headed than its Hamas allies, but the reality is that more people in the West Bank support Hamas than those who actually live under their rule in Gaza. 

Now ask yourself, how could a two-state solution be garnered with people who operate this way? Who do you even negotiate with when the streets are ruled by various terrorist factions who lynch people in the streets, hang them from electrical towers, and cheer their demise in such a deranged fashion? 

The great irony of the global left being pro-Palesitian is that they are supporting the establishment of a fundamentalist Islamic state that murders people in the streets and deprives others of basic rights. A two-state solution is not going to result in a secular utopia where all live side-by-side. Rather, it’s going to create another Afghanistan, except it’ll exist on the borders of Israel. 

That’s an outcome that’s untenable given the security situation at play. Those in the West Bank and Gaza have had decades to show they are viable peace partners deserving of a state. Instead, they’ve settled on intifadas punctuated by violent terrorism. They made their own bed, and until the reality on the ground changes, they will be made to lay in it.


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