Grassley, Johnson Share Hunter Biden’s China-Linked Bank Records With US Attorney Leading Criminal Probe


Republican Senators. The Republican Senators. Chuck Grassley (Iowa) and Ron Johnson (Wisconsin) share the U.S. attorney’s criminal investigation into Hunter Biden. They have over 200 pages of bank records relating both to Hunter Biden and his family’s alleged links to the Chinese regime and persons associated with its military intelligence.Fox News Digital independently reviewed bank records Grassley and Johnson gathered in their investigation into Hunter Biden.Grassley and Johnson gathered records from a U.S. Bank to investigate Hunter Biden’s business dealings. The records show transactions between Hunter Biden linked entities and Chinese energy company CEFC.

Grassley and Johnson’s 2020 Reports revealed some of these transactions. They claimed that the Biden family’s “extensive links to foreign governments, and questionable international citizens, posed counterintelligence-extortion concern. ”

Johnson and Grassley raised alarm over these business transactions with Chinese-linked associates CEFC Chairman Ye Jiangming and Gongwen Dog. These transactions “resulted in millions of dollars worth of questionable transactions. ”

A letter Grassley & Johnson wrote to U.S. Attorney for Delaware David Weiss. Weiss is leading the investigation into Hunter Biden.

They wrote that “Today is due to your and DOJ’s failure to respond to our legitimate congressional oversight inquiry and as part of our ongoing congressional investigation.”

Johnson and Grassley supplied records that contained more than 100 pages “unredacted and unsold” bank records relating to Hudson West III, Hunter Biden’s business.

They stated that these records are necessary for a thorough investigation. If you do not have these records, we recommend you review them in detail.

Johnson and Grassley wrote a letter to Weiss and gave bank records to Weiss. Former President Donald Trump appointed Weiss as a nominee. Federal investigators are currently weighing whether Hunter Biden should face charges for tax and foreign lobbying violations, as well as false statements.

Fox News reported in July that the federal investigation into President Biden’s son has reached a critical phase. Since 2018, Hunter Biden remains under federal investigation.

Johnson and Grassley outlined the timeline of Hunter Biden’s business relationship with CEFC. This date backs to December 2015.

Hunter Biden and his Chinese business associates Ye & Gongwen formed joint ownership in Hudson West III on August 2017.

Hunter Biden’s Chinese business associate Ye is the founder of CEFC. Ye has been an integral part of the Biden family’s financial transactions regarding China. Ye is also the chairman and CEO of China Energy Fund Committee.

Johnson and Grassley remind us that CEFC was a privately owned entity before Chinese state-owned enterprises assumed control in 2018. Johnson and Grassley point out that CEFC was a private entity until Chinese state-owned enterprises took control in 2018.

Hunter Biden’s business partner Gongwen executed many transactions for Ye. Gongwen was previously chief financial officer at Radiance Property Holdings. According to reports, this firm has strong connections to the “united Front” groups that are linked to Chinese intelligence.

Through his Hudson West businesses Hunter Biden created many joint-ventures that were facilitated through CEFC. Senate investigators contend that these ventures were intended as funding streams and were not intended for other purposes than to “move cash.” Hunter co-founded Sinohawk Holdings, a joint venture with CEFC. Tony Bobulinski was his ex-business partner.

Gongwen signed an August 2, 2017 agreement with Hunter Biden that indicated that Gongwen’s company Hudson West V was owned by Hunter Biden’s Owasco P.C. Each owned half of Hudson West III.

According to the agreement, Hudson West V was responsible for contributing $5,000,000 and Owasco P.C. Owasco P.C. Johnson and Grassley provided Weiss with the agreement for review.

Johnson and Grassley mention that the agreement “connects James Biden to CEFC.” ”

Hunter Biden was also obligated to pay a retainer fee of $500,000.00.

They stated that they would provide unredacted copies of all bank records related to Hudson West III. This includes more than 100 pages of previously unseen material.

Senators claimed that wire transfers totaling approximately $4.8million were made from Hudson West III to Hunter Biden’s companies, Owasco P.C. between August 2017 – October 2018. According to Senators, wire transfers of approximately $5 million from Northern International Capital and a $1,000,000 wire transfer made by CEFC Limited in Oct 2018 revealed that approximately $4.8million was transferred between Hudson West III and Hunter Biden’s companies, Owasco LLC.

Northern International Capital affiliates with CEFC International, which is a Chinese company that was incorporated in China.

Johnson and Grassley stated that records prove that Hunter Biden’s Owasco P.C. was a company. Between August 14, 2017 to Aug. 3, 2019, James Biden’s Lion Hall Group received 20 wires.

Johnson and Grassley also provided additional records to Weiss. These records include Gongwen’s total of $123,319.68; Hunter’s Chinese-American assistant JiaQi Bao and Coldharbour Capital LLC. These companies were linked to Hunter Biden’s business partner Mervyn Yang. The total amount was $318,286.37

Bao, a Chinese national and graduate of a top Beijing university, was Hunter’s secretary. She then worked for the communist regime’s National Development and Reform Commission. Later, she moved to China-based investments firms that were also connected to the regime.

According to Hunter Biden’s business associate James Gilliar’s document, the corporate mission of CEFC was to “expand cooperation within the international oil economic and contribute to national developmental.” ”

Johnson and Grassley claim that the document “makes clear that CEFC” is an extension to communist Chinese government.” Citing Gilliar document, CEFC stated that CEFC was “building energy storage system and logistic system in Europe” as a way to connect China, Europe and the Middle East. This would “[serve] China’s ambitions to have international locations connected to global markets.” ”

According records, CEFC began to “establish relationships with the Biden family as early as 2016”.

Johnson and Grassley pointed out that Ye and CEFC wanted to do business in the U.S., and that their efforts were in line the communist Chinese government’s goal to “prioritize economic development” to encourage “Chinese modernization of all areas, including its armed forces.” ”

The senators stated that Hunter Biden’s connections and influence with Chinese business interests, strengthened by his father’s vice presidentship, likely appealed to Ye, who The New York Times called “[wanting] the corridors of power Washington.” They also pointed out that $100,000 was received by CEFC to the Clinton Foundation, which could have been part of their public influence campaign.

Gongwen, Hunter Biden, and Sara Biden had signed paperwork already to form their Hudson West III partnership. They then signed paperwork to open an joint line of credit together with Hunter Biden and Sara Biden and James Biden (his aunt and uncle).

Sens. Weiss was contacted. They also stated that they had “bank records showing that credit was collateralized with a $99,000 preauthorized draw from Hudson West III dated September 12, 2017 span>

They wrote that the Bidens purchased from Apple Stores, hotels, and airlines using credit cards. They added that records showed credit card authorization agreements as well as Hudson West III bank statements confirming online credit card payments.

Hunter Biden asked for keys for his “office friends” within days of credit cards being issued. Fox News 2020 was contacted by Hunter Biden, who listed his father, Joe Biden, Jill Biden, as well as his uncle, James Biden, to request keys for the space he wanted to share with Gongwen in The House of Sweden, a Washington, D.C., building that houses several offices suites and embassies.

Hunter Biden asks for keys to Gongwen via email. Gongwen is described by Hunter Biden as an “emissary” for Chairman Ye Jianming, CEFC Chinese Energy Co.

He wrote, “I would like to see my office sign reflect these things” and asked for “The Biden Foundation” (or “Hudson West CEFC US.” ”

Biden repeatedly denied any involvement with the business dealings his son and denied ever speaking to him about these ventures.

Johnson and Grassley pointed out Hunter Biden’s connections with Chi Ping Patrick Ho, who was a business associate of Ye and Gongwen. Ho was convicted and convicted of international bribery and money laundering offences in relation to his work for the China Energy Fund Committee.

Johnson and Grassley stated that they had “publicly divulged bank and wire records showing a $1,000,000 payment from CEFC Limited to Hudson West III on November 2, 2017, and a $1,000,000 payment by Hudson West III to Hunter Biden on March 22, 2018, for “DR PATRICK HO CHI PIING RESENTATION”.

Senators would like to know if the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Delaware issued grand jury subpoenas for financial institution records, such as Wells Fargo, USAA, Bank of America, Bank of America, Bank of America, Bank of America, Bank of America, Bank of America, Bank of America, Bank of America, for records relating to Hunter Biden, James Biden, Sara Biden, John Walker, Eric Schwerin, Tony Bobulinski and corporate entities that may be linked to these records. This includes Hudson West III and The Lion Hall Group.

Johnson and Grassley also wanted to know if Weiss feels he was given enough resources and support by the DOJ to properly prosecute Hunter Biden’s criminal case. They also wanted to ask Weiss if he ever spoke of the “need for a special counsel” or independent counsel in order to properly investigate Hunter Biden.

They also reminded Weiss about Hunter Biden’s December 2019 FBI laptop seizure.

Johnson & Grassley gave Weiss a Nov. 9, one-day after the 2022 midterm elections, deadline to respond to their inquiry.


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