Gretchen Whitmer Manages to Confuse and Enrage With Her Palestinian Invasion Response

AP Photo/Al Goldis

As expected, there have been a lot of truly terrible takes shared about the recent Palestinian invasion of Israel. Despite shocking videos showing women and children being tortured and murdered in the streets, members of the Democrat “squad,” including Rep. Ilhan Omar, still managed to draw a moral equivalency and demand a ceasefire that it just so happens would save Hamas. What a coincidence, right?

But while those statements weren’t ambiguous, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s post on the matter left people completely confused as well as angry. Really, can someone tell me what the heck this is?

I’ve seen some cowardly responses in my day, but that truly takes the cake. What “communities” is she talking about? What “impact” have they endured? Is she talking about Israel? Or is she talking about communities in her state, such as the heavily pro-Palestinian population in Dearborn? Heck, she can’t even say what region she’s talking about. And what’s with the repetition of words? It’s like her staff typed in “generic condemnation” into ChatGPT and that’s what was spit out. 

Is Whitmer taking her cues from Omar’s infamous “some people did something” comment about 9/11? I just can’t believe anyone thought it was a good idea to put that statement out. If you can’t condemn evil in plain terms, it’s better to just say nothing at all. Remember, Whitmer has her eyes on national political fame, including running for president one day. Does she strike you as someone with the moral conviction needed to run the most powerful nation on earth?

I suspect Whitmer was indeed worried about angering the large Muslim population within her state, but is that really an excuse? If you’ve got populations in your state that will riot if you condemn the butchering of women and children, then perhaps that population doesn’t deserve to be coddled. Certainly, someone that cowardly should never be considered for the presidency. 

Democrats always make the simple so difficult. All that needed to happen today was an unequivocal denunciation of the terrorist attacks that have, at this count, taken hundreds of lives in Israel. We don’t need lectures about “both sides.” We don’t need calls for a “ceasefire” that just so happens to save Hamas. Condemn this incredible act of evil and, if you’ve got nothing else helpful to say, stop talking. The Israeli military will take care of the rest.


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