Gun-Averse NPR Will Never Understand Your Need for a Firearm


If someone is trying to punch you, pick up your phone and call the police. The police will arrive promptly and protect your nose and knuckles.

National Public Radio recently suggested this scenario.

NPR interviewed Misheika Gadis on Saturday’s Weekend edition.

Weekend Edition features interviews with gun owners to help understand gun sales. Scott Simon talks with Misheika Gadis (a single mother from Aurora, Colo.

Scott reports Misheika, 33 years old, works in accounts receivables at a chain of doughnut shops. An industry trade group estimates that nearly five-and-a-half million Americans bought guns for the first time last year.

NPR’s goal is to “understand what might be driving a gun sale.”

It’s unlikely that this was the trigger for the nation’s gun-buying boom which began in 2020.

[Warning – Disturbing Content, including Language and Violence]

NPR is trying to solve the mystery. Here is Misheika’s description of her surroundings.

“I live near a high school that had a shooting last year. You can hear the gunshots every night.”

She may not need a gun.

Scott worries about Misheika, her young son, and Adam. He asked, “[D]o you worry about an accident with that gun?”

She is aware of the dangers of having a gun at home and has even admitted to knowing someone who had her gun accidentally explode and killed her child.

It is safe to keep it away from others. He is also able to protect himself.

In fact:

“The clip and the gun are not in the exact same place at the same time, but they can still be reached if needed. ”

Find out more about this “need”

“It’s frightening. We are now used to hearing the sound of gunshots. Or “Is that gunshots?” They rarely see fireworks. I advise them to stay out of the windows. To keep outside noises from disturbing our sleep, we’ll go to bed earlier than usual and close the windows on nights when it’s not too dark.


“There were a few nights when my return would have been late and there would have also been people in the hallway, right next to me. I only realized this when I saw them too close to my door.

Why would you want a gun? She said it:

“I bought it to secure my home. My 8-year-old daughter is my only child. I believe I would want them to be protected if they were to need it.”

Scott would love to know the process of buying a handgun. Scott spent four hours filling out forms and took five forms.

She said, “I have experienced enough pain and chaos so I know that this is the best decision for me and my family.” “Would you rather be the victim than the one who stood up for your rights?

Misheika Gadis describes her neighborhood and the unsettling conditions inside the building. Misheika answers the question: “What would cause you to reach for the gun in my mind?”

She provides an example

“If someone tried to, like to kick my door in or — I have a bell on the back door so if the bell rings and I don’t expect anyone to walk at that moment, I will reach for it. ”

Scott’s response:

“Why not just call the police? ”

This seems to be an accurate representation of America’s current situation. The political side believes that the police are miracle workers and would like to see law enforcement defunded.

While they are right to criticize weaponry’s effectiveness against good people, they seem to overlook its utility against evil.

They want to legalize gun ownership and make illegal gun ownership a crime against law-abiding citizens. Guns have stopped all mass shootings that are not covered by possession laws.

Why would you want a gun? No matter the answer, they will continue to ask that question.

If you are looking for more information, please visit “An Expert Answers Democrats’ Most Burning Question: Why Does Anyone Need an AR-15?” ”

Misheika may be able to forward her story to Joy Behar Reports indicate that she will be very happy with the result.


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