Haley to Deliver Big ‘State of Race’ Speech Tuesday, Speculation Already Running Wild

AP Photo/Steven Senne

Nikki Haley’s messaging over the past couple of days hasn’t been going well. 

As we reported, her posts on X have had a few problems. 

This one on Sunday that “she” said was obviously not well thought out, “12 fellas down, 1 to go.”

They apparently didn’t see the racy interpretations there that everyone else automatically saw.  Additionally, it wasn’t Haley who beat the 12 people, it was Trump. 

Then whoever is posting from her account posted a spree of tweets of more than 20 posts within an hour.

But now comes an announcement from her team that has everyone speculating – and it’s easy to see why. 

The announcement said that Haley was going to deliver a “State of the Race Speech” on Tuesday in Greenville, South Carolina. 

That immediately set people to question whether this might finally be Nikki Haley calling it quits, rather than being badly embarrassed in South Carolina, whose primary is almost upon us. That would be the logical thing to guess right now – maybe the reality is finally dawning on her.

She is way behind former President Donald Trump in her home state according to polls. 

There’s also another big poll coming out on Tuesday morning. 

In recent days, she’s also had Republican politicians from her home state coming out against her and for Trump. 

You would think that dropping out would be a logical move, rather than losing badly in South Carolina. But, It could be a play for media attention to something else she wants to announce, knowing this phrasing is going to have more people tuning in, thinking it’s the big announcement. 

This doesn’t look like she’s dropping out. 

But of course, they’re always saying a fight to the finish — right before they drop out. 

But we will have to see. 


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