Hamas Bombs an Israeli Hospital and the Media is Like, ‘We Didn’t See a Thing’


The press has shown its true colors several times throughout the Israel-Hamas War. While members of the media feigned sympathy for the plight of Israeli civilians who were killed, tortured, and captured after Hamas launched its initial attack on October 7, their subsequent reportage has exposed their actual allegiances.

By now, most are aware of the controversy surrounding the explosion at a hospital in Gaza City, which was initially blamed on Israel. When news of the explosion broke out, media outlets jumped on the opportunity to perpetuate Hamas’ narrative, blaming Israel for the tragedy, claiming that its military bombed the facility.

Later, it was revealed that the explosion was more likely caused by a misfired rocket from Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which detonated in the hospital’s parking lot, not the building itself. Yet, the news outlets who gleefully reported on how Israel destroyed the facility never showed any sign of remorse for having promoted a narrative created by a bonafide terrorist organization, nor did it concern them that pushing this lie likely inspired violence across the globe.

But the real outrage in this whole affair is that there are hospitals that have been bombed – in Israel. On his Substack, journalist Julio Rosas reported:

Barzilai Medical Center is a major hospital in Israel’s southern region, the epicenter of the nearly two-week-old high-intensity conflict between Israel and Hamas. Hundreds of rockets from Gaza have been fired at the seaside city, with many hitting buildings and people who happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Despite being a hospital, Barzilai Medical Center has been attacked at least four times by rockets fired by terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip. Dr. Gili Givaty, the deputy director of the hospital, explained the first rocket struck a bridge used to connect two main buildings on campus. One rocket hit and severely damaged the center’s child development ward.
As of Thursday, construction crews were still clearing away the rubble from the rocket attacks.
“It is a place that in a day of peace, treats children with disabilities and take[s] care of them and now it’s completely ruined. We don’t know when we can start working there again,” Dr. Givaty explained.

Barzilai Medical Center serves as the main hospital for wounded soldiers and provides medical services to about half a million people in Israel’s southern region. “We know it from former rounds of battles here that the hospital is being targeted directly. They want to give the impression to the people in Israel that nowhere is safe,” Dr. Givaty told Rosas.

So, where’s the wall-to-wall coverage for the constant bombing of Barzilai Medical Center? Where is the outrage coming from the elite members of the chattering class? Where are the rallies at the Cannon House Office Building?

Will Rep. Rashida Tlaib have anything to say about this?

We already know the answer, don’t we?

The reaction to this story is a chorus of crickets in a vast grassy field. No major American news outlet has given this issue any real attention. Why? Because it is Israelis who are being endangered, not Palestinians.

If America’s once-vaunted Fourth Estate were serious about journalism, they would report on instances in which both Israelis and Palestinians are suffering – and they would do their level best to ensure they are giving their audience the truth instead of perpetuating narratives designed to promote a particular agenda.

Unfortunately, what we have in the United States are alleged news outlets that more closely resemble propaganda mills than journalistic institutions. They are not here to inform you; they are here to influence you. This is likely the primary reason why trust in media has plummeted to all-time lows.


  1. Where is the outrage of those so called upstanding LEFTEST like Talib and Omar. They were quick to have diarrhea of the mouth about a lie and now they ignore a true hospital bombing by the Hamas savages. These two and many others need to have their worthless butts kicked out of Congress and never allowed in politics again. Actually I would like to see both deported as Terrorist Sympathizers and a threat to America.


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