Harvard Professor Pummeled Online For Tweet Thanking Biden For Student Loan Handout


Laurence Tribe, a Harvard professor and leftist on Twitter, reacted to President Joe Biden’s student loan handout Wednesday by tweeting deep gratitude for his proposal. Fox News Digital reported that Biden plans to cancel $10,000 federal student loan debt for borrowers earning less than $125,000 annually, and $20,000 for Pell Grant recipients.

Biden will also extend the “pause on federal student loans payments through the end” According to the Penn Wharton Budget Model it will cost taxpayers around $300 billion.

Biden will make remarks Wednesday afternoon about the proposal.

Although many critics of Biden criticized the plan, the Harvard professor was a fan. He thanked President Biden for his help on behalf of his students via Twitter.

Tribe shared an Axios article about the proposal. Tribe also wrote: “Good news to thousands of my former students. Thank you, Mr. President.”

Tribe’s comment was criticized by Twitter users.

Jordan Schachtel, a conservative journalist, expressed disbelief at the fact that elite Harvard students needed this break at a cost of millions of American taxpayers. He inquired, “Your Harvard students required a bailout?”

Georgia Republican Party Chairman David Shafer mockingly tweeted: “Finally, a break for Harvard trained lawyers.”

Angela Morabito, spokesperson for Defense of Freedom Institute, dismissed the notion that Harvard students are struggling. She wrote, “You teach at an college with a $42 million endowment.”

Brad Smith, the Institute for Free Speech, made the same point. He wrote, “Yes. Because if any group needs federal financial aid, it’s Harvard Law Grads. (Speaking in the capacity of Professor. “Tribe’s former students that actually paid all their student loans back”

Ricochet editor-in-chief Jon Gabriel quipped, “Finally. It’s high time Harvard Law students got a break in their lives.

Wall Street Journal film critic Kyle Smith attacked Tribe’s post and tweeted, “Harvard Students Love It When Their Political Party Takes Your Money and Gives It To Them.”

Mark Hemingway, a senior writer at Real Clear Investigations, asked Harvard why it doesn’t absolve student loans if they are being crushed. Harvard has a $53 Billion endowment and Tribe teaches there. Why is Harvard not allowing them to forgive their loans? Why should blue collar taxpayers subsidise the debt of Harvard lawyers? He tweeted.

Conservative actor Nick Searcy summarised the sentiment of critics regarding the handout in a tweet. He said, “These elitists like @tribelaw love that rich people are paying for Ivy league indoctrination programmes.”


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