Hassan Says It’s Frustrating Biden Admin Hasn’t Supported Push To Temporarily Scrap Federal Gas Tax


Maggie Hassan (Democratic Senator) says that it is frustrating that President Biden hasn’t supported her push for temporarily abolishing the federal gas tax. As she campaigns for reelection, Hassan faces a challenging political climate. She isn’t afraid to voice her disagreements with President Trump. As she seeks to serve another six-year term, Hassan’s low approval rating is hurting.

The Hassan/Kelly bill would scrap the 18.4-cents-per-gallon federal tax through the rest of 2022 and calls for the Treasury Department to make sure the savings are passed on to consumers rather than the oil and gas companies. The measure would require the federal government, if it is passed into law to transfer money to the Highway Trust Fund to make up the revenue lost.

Hassan opposed the Biden administration in spring over an issue voters care about: immigration and border security. Hassan paid a public visit to the southern border several months ago. She is one of many Democratic Senate incumbents who are voicing serious concerns about this move.

Inflation has become a political issue for the President of the United States and his Party

Hassan arrived at New Hampshire State House in order to file for reelection. Her arrival at the New Hampshire State House was met by both large crowds of supporters and smaller protest groups, who were all out to support her position on immigration.

She discussed a difference between the Biden White House, and the Biden White House. She stated that it was important for the Obama administration to have people who fight the opioid epidemic. This is why I voted against President Trump’s FDA nomination. He refused to acknowledge the role of the FDA in fueling this epidemic.

Andrew Mahaleris, spokesperson of the Republican National Committee, stated that Maggie Hassan had sat by while New Hampshire’s Biden administration failed it repeatedly.


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