Hershel Walker: I Built a $100 Million Company, All Raphael Warnock Ever Did Was Get ‘Money from Parishioners and Taxpayers’

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Hershel Walker, the Republican nominee to represent Georgia in the U.S. Senate, said on Tuesday’s edition of the Breitbart News Daily podcast with host Alex Marlow that he built a “$100 million business” while his incumbent opponent, Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA), only received “money from parishioners and taxpayers.”

“I built a very successful company – over a hundred-million-dollar company – I built with my hands,” Walker stated, “all he’s ever done is got money from parishioners and taxpayers, and yet he’s in Dr. King’s church, [and] all he talks about is the color of people’s skin rather than the content of their character.”

Walker continued, “I created a business, [an] over 20-something-year business, a hundred-million-dollar business. I created it by working with my hands. I’ve done so many other things. I spent almost 15 years – every three weeks – at a military base trying to remove the stigma from mental health. I did that.”

Walker remarked, “I want people to know other things I’ve done outside of football that I think I’ve been more successful doing than I have [been with] football.”

America’s constitutional freedoms are being undermined by the powers that be, Walker warned.

“Freedom of speech, they’re trying to erase that from America,” he said. “These are the liberties and freedoms that so many people died for in this country, [and] we have leaders in Washington who want to erase it. Well, I’m going to fight for that.”

He continued, “I told people, ‘I didn’t go to Washington because I wanted to be a politician.’ People say I don’t have to do this. That is not correct. I was not going to sit at home and watch them continue to do to the finest country in the world today – United States of America – destroy this country by putting people in office that’ve forgotten about the United States of America.”

Walker echoed the “America First” ethos of prioritizing American welfare over supposed foreign priorities marketed as such by government, the news media, and aligned institutions.

“First, help the people here in the United States of America,” he concluded. “We need to get back to representing the United States of America, and get it back to its Constitution.”

Georgia’s runoff election between Walker and Warnock is scheduled for December 6.


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