Hillary Clinton Testifies in Durham Case, She Signed off on Pushing False Alfa Bank Story


John Durham continues to pursue Michael Sussmann. There have been some noteworthy revelations from this trial.

Robby Mook testified Friday and confirmed many things people have known for years. Clinton’s aides tried to present her as an outsider to the fray, but Mook revealed that Clinton was a twice-failed presidential contender who signed off on the publication of the false Alfa Bank story.

This article was provided by Fox News.

He stated that he discussed the possibility of releasing the information to a reporter with campaign chairman John Podesta, senior policy advisor Jennifer Palmieri and Jake Sullivan, White House National Security Adviser.

Mook said, “I also talked about it with Hillary.”

Mook said that, although I can’t remember the contents of the conversation, it was a discussion around, “hey, there are the following and we want the information to be shared with a reporter. ”

Mook testified that Clinton agreed to this. This directly links Clinton and the Alfa Bank story. This is the first time she shared the story via social media. She claimed that she got the news from the media and not her campaign. We now know that this was a fabrication.

It is not clear how this all relates to Afla Bank being brought to the FBI. Durham will be undoubtedly happy to look into the matter as it progresses in the trial.

It all amounts to a conspiracy to use false information to influence elections (probably not criminal) and a conspiracy to push false information to the FBI/DOJ (which almost certainly are criminal). He wasn’t the only one to do it. Durham will, I believe, prove it. He will be convicted. There were many others involved in the conspiracy including Clinton. Sussmann will be the first one to go. Durham will work backward.

I’m skeptical Clinton is ever touched simply because Washington elites are never touched. Here’s to being pleasantly surprised.


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