HOT TAKES: People Have Great Fun Mocking Dem Who Tries to Whip Up Fear With Claims of Trump Border Plans

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Can we say how ridiculous Democrats have been about the border for a long time? Long before Joe Biden occupied the Oval Office. But Joe Biden definitely made everything worse, as we saw with a record number of illegal aliens entering the country in December — over 302,000 — an incredible number that didn’t even include the “gotaways.” 

Given the complete mess that Democrats have made of the border, you would think that Democrats would have a little humility and keep quiet on the issue. 

But not Rep. Robert Garcia (D-CA). Garcia seemed to think he had some standing to speak, or perhaps he thought he could deflect from the massive failures of Joe Biden by talking about former President Donald Trump. But what he said just made people laugh at him and appreciate what Trump achieved all the more vs. what Joe Biden has done. 

Garcia claimed that Trump and MAGA Republicans wanted alligator moats, bombing Northern Mexico, shooting migrants in the legs, electrifying the fence, and putting spikes on it. And he held up what looked like a meme with alligators, planes, and what was supposed to show electricity from an electrified fence. 

It immediately went viral as people laughed at Garcia and his desperation to attack Trump while Biden is failing so badly. 

What Trump wanted was a wall, and the Democrats didn’t want that. They did everything they could to try to stop it. 

Despite that, Trump got about 500 miles of it built before Biden came in, then stopped the building and ended up paying millions for the building materials to lie fallow. That’s the idiocy of the Biden team. It was more important to stop Trump than defend the American people. 

And now, not only isn’t the Biden team even defending the border, they were using forklifts to let illegal aliens in past the defenses Texas put down. They’re fighting Texas which is trying to do the job they won’t do. That’s the Democrats’ and Joe Biden’s idea of border protection.  

What Trump had was the lowest number of illegal aliens coming in in 45 years, as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) explains. 

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is throwing up his hands and pretending he doesn’t have the power to do anything about a problem he caused, which is demonstrably untrue. 

It isn’t Trump who’s ridiculous here, Rep. Garcia; it’s you guys.


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