House Passes Funding Bill As Republicans Decry Senate Colleagues’ Failure To Extract Concessions


House Democrats passed a bill to fund the government despite opposition from Republicans who wanted more concessions from President Biden in order to avoid a shutdown.

The House of Representatives approved legislation to maintain the government’s operations through December 16th, 230 to 201. This two-month deadline gives Democrats and Republicans more time for negotiations on a year-long budget agreement before the new Congress assumes office in January.

Already passed by the Senate earlier in the week, the funding bill now goes to President Biden for his signature. It passed the House despite opposition from Republicans.

The House and Senate had strong differences in GOP support for the funding bill. 22 Senate Republicans, led by Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, voted earlier this week in favor of keeping the government open.

Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. was active in whipping against the bill and calling it a missed chance. Republicans claim that the legislation fails to address GOP priorities such as the U.S.–Mexico border migrant crisis.

GOP lawmakers are also concerned that they may lose the chance to make a mark on the federal budget, if a yearlong deal in the lame duck session is reached. McCarthy and House Republicans preferred that the deadline be extended to December, but they also wanted the temporary measure to continue until January when the new Congress is elected.

However, not all Republicans were sold on this argument. Ten GOP lawmakers voted for nearly every Democrat to keep government open.

As Ukraine fights against an invasion from Russia, the bill provides over $12 billion in assistance. This new round of money will increase to $65 billion the amount Congress has approved for Ukraine to aid in its military operations and prevent economic collapse.

This temporary funding includes additional federal funding for Afghan refugees, disaster assistance for Kentucky and Mississippi, as well as new subsidies for winter heating aid for elderly and low-income Americans.


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