House Republicans Release Whistleblower Report on DOJ Abuses


The House Judiciary Committee’s new report, “Broken,” describes the FBI as it was under Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray. Officially released Friday’s 1050-page report entitled FBI WHISTLEBLOWERS : WHAT THEIR DISCLOSURES INTELLECT ABOUT THE POLITICIZATION OFFICE AND FBI. The report does not blame the field agents, but Wray and Garland as well as the politicized bureaucracy within the agency. The executive summary is the first to highlight examples of abuses.

The FBI artificially exaggerates statistics regarding domestic violence extremism in the country. Whistleblowers described how the FBI leadership pressures line agents to reclassify domestic violent extremism cases even though the matter doesn’t meet the criteria. The FBI misrepresents the scale of domestic violence extremism by claiming that all cases relating to January 6th are organic cases originating from local field offices. Both ways, the FBI fuels the Biden Administration’s belief that domestic violence extremism poses the greatest threat to the nation.

FBI uses its counterterrorism authority to investigate parents who speak at school board meetings. Whistleblowers revealed that the FBI Counterterrorism Division created a special “threattag” to track cases involving school boards shortly after the National School Boards Association asked President Biden to use Patriot Act against American parents. Whistleblowers presented evidence that the FBI opened an investigation into a mom who allegedly told a local school board that “we are coming after you” and a father simply because he had “rails against government” and “has lots of guns”.

The FBI has used its foreign intelligence authority to spy on Americans, including those associated with President Trump’s 2016 campaign. These facts are documented in Inspector General reports as well as Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court opinions. However, there is no indication that the FBI has changed or is willing to alter its course.

The FBI is clearing out employees of the Bureau who disagree with its leftist, woke agenda. FBI actively seeks to “purge FBI employees with conservative views” or, as President Biden views it, those who pose a threat to American democracy by holding conservative views. At least one whistleblower has been subject to retaliatory action by the FBI.

The FBI’s “political meddling,” according to whistleblowers, “is dragging [the Bureau] down the criminal side” by “pulling away” resources from law-enforcement tasks. One whistleblower recalled how he was told that child sexual abuse material investigations are no longer a priority by the FBI and should be referred directly to local law enforcement agencies so that he could pursue a Washington-directed, politically charged case. This misprioritization not only is a breach of duty but also a disservice to victims of crimes that are not in the FBI’s interest.

It is also noted that the FBI cannot be investigated for abuses without investigating the DOJ. Merrick Garland created a “threat label” for parents to help them track their concerns about school policies. The report also points out that the FBI has a “troubled past” dating back to J. Edgar Hoover’s surveillance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and its transition to become an intelligence-driven organisation after September 11, 2001.

According to the report, investigations were conducted from the headquarters and not the originating offices. The report mentions Robert Mueller’s trend of placing bureaucrats into leadership positions, rather than agents. Christopher Wray is accused of failing to correct the leadership issues and restore trust within the agency. It acknowledges that whistleblowers are saddened at the FBI’s developments and warns that more problems may emerge in the months ahead. The executive summary ends by saying that the agency needs to change its “broken culture” as well as its “out-of control hierarchy.” A full page is dedicated to encouraging whistleblowers to voice their concerns. The page also includes a number that can be reached at the Judiciary Committee to reach Republicans.

The body of the report includes assertions that:

Joe Biden calls his enemies racists, fascists and domestic terrorists. Wray’s leadership, the FBI has altered data regarding domestic terrorism, and has pursued aggressively the administration’s enemies while taking a soft approach to or completely ignoring complaints about Biden’s allies.
Washington Field Office has created the false impression of an increase in domestic terrorism by manipulating data.
The FBI seems to have orchestrated the kidnapping of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.
The agency reduced and downplayed the information about Hunter Biden’s allegations.
Merrick Garland, the FBI’s counter-terrorism agent, issued a memorandum in which federal law enforcement was introduced into local school board meetings. The memo also claims that the Biden administration conspired with the National School Boards Association in order to justify federal law enforcement against parents. Parents are now being tagged by the DOJ.
The FBI has used foreign surveillance to its advantage.
Trump’s house was raided by the FBI and DOJ.
Representative Scott Perry was on vacation with his family when he was followed by the FBI and his cell phone seized.
FBI and DOJ have allowed attacks on churches and pro-life centers to continue unabated, and they have pushed an “antilife agenda.”
Under the auspices of investigating unrelated and alleged crimes, the FBI conducted an intelligence assessment of Concerned Women of America.
While the agency has been focusing on investigating January 6th participants, it has ignored incidents of pipe bombers at political party headquarters.
With the help of Big Tech, the FBI is purging its conservative ranks and censoring conservative views online.

None of this news is new for the average PJMedia reader and, for that matter, any person who even merely glances at the MSM propaganda. Now the question is, what will the Republicans on House Judiciary Committee do after they have compiled all this information into the “bombshell” report. Rep. Jim Jordan sent Garland a clear, direct warning letter. It stated that an investigation would be conducted and that all records held by the DOJ will be preserved. It is likely that things were lost, misplaced or redacted upon receiving the letter.

Let’s pretend, for argument’s sake, that Tuesday is a red day and that Democrats have failed to stop it or delay it. What happens next? What then? Or will they fire people and place them in jail if necessary?

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