How the Transgender Community Uses Cult-like Tactics and Unmitigated Fear to Seduce and Destroy


Two Twitter accounts claimed Monday that they were former transgender people who had de-transitioned and would continue to suffer from the side effects of hormone therapy and other surgeries. Two accounts shared their stories of mental and physical health problems that began despite being told by doctors that the procedure was safe and can be reversed.

As I was digging deeper into the de-trans world, I found a fascinating thread on Twitter from Eliza Mondegreen, a graduate student who is studying gender identity. This thread answered a question many people have asked about the transgender community’s ability to embrace extreme views on any subject. Is it possible that transgender people believe those who don’t like their lifestyle want to kill them?

Mondegreen has been studying this phenomenon for some time and appears to have finally found the solution. She calls it “phobia indoctrination” and what many transgender people go through.

Mondegreen shared this tweet, “Phobia Indoctrination instills rational fears in members of high-control groups and uses those fears for manipulating members so that they won’t question their beliefs or leave the group,” which he further elaborated on in a thread.

She continued, “Here’s how phobia indoctrination looks in the trans community.” “Telling members of the community that anyone who questions gender identity and transition (even from a place where genuine care or concern) hates them or ‘denies’ their existence or wants them to die.”

Mondegreen points out that this kind of indoctrination works best for younger people, who are then able to isolate themselves from family and friends who disagree with the lifestyle. They also push out those who are unable to follow the complex rules required by the trans community for social interaction.

The trans community is also misled into thinking that murder rates among trans people are driven by hate. However, trans people are killed for the same reasons as everyone else, whether it’s drugs or bad luck. Transgendered people are desperate to transition as an alternative to suicide. They defend it as if their lives depend on it.

It gets worse. Brainwashing involves attacking transgenderism and transitioning within one’s own community. It also teaches everyone what to do if someone steps outside the norm.

Mondegreen explains the effects of brainwashing clearly

“The result? ”

Mondegreen stated that the transgender community would be more open to free thought, free expression, and research if it was. But it isn’t.

However, it’s not. Mondegreen’s research has shown that the transgender community operates like a cult. It uses fear-mongering lies to keep its members in line. The community is forbidden from questioning anything and must obey. Inability to do so can lead to ridicule and isolation.

As I mentioned in my article about the de-transition Twitter accounts: Seduction into the transgender community should be started young. This allows the naive and fooled to believe that any mental or physical discomfort they experience is due to gender dysphoria. They are quickly enslaved and taught everything they need to know. Even if they don’t have gender dysphoria or other mental disorders, the community soon forces them to accept another mental illness.

They start to isolate themselves from people who really care about them, in an attempt to embrace a community that seems to be more understanding. They are soon coerced into doing irreparable damage to their bodies. They’re both physically and mentally broken by the end of the transgender community.

More stories about de-transitioners are being told. Many people in this community are trying to put themselves back together after their transgender journey.


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