How to Avoid Getting Arrested for Breaking the Hijab Law in Iran While Giving Authorities the Finger


Elnaz competes in climbing. I admit I don’t know much about climbing, but I do know that it would be far better for the climber if they weren’t encumbered by a headscarf. Iranian climbers who are female must wear a headscarf to compete.

Rekabi is a serious competitor and takes her sport seriously. So when she was competing at the Asian Championships in South Korea, her beautiful brown hair was exposed for all to see — much to the chagrin of Iranian authorities.

Why no hijab? Well, it depends on who you ask. Miss Rekabi has given three different explanations for what happened to the hijab. The Iranian authorities have given another.

Iranians arrived at the airport to meet her with their own interpretations. They believed she was climbing without a hijab to support their protests.

Rebaki was a delight to her countrymen. She disappeared for 48 hours. The International Olympic Committee as well as the governing bodies of her sport were able to interview her.

According to Reuters:

Rekabi, speaking to state TV upon her arrival in Tehran, said she was in “full” and that she had apologized to Iran for the “turbulence and worry” she caused. As she spoke, Rekabi wore a jacket and a baseball cap.

She stated, “The struggle that I had with getting dressed and wearing my shoes made me forget to wear the proper hijab.” “I went to the wall and ascension. ”

You did?

Rekabi posted a statement Tuesday on her Instagram account. It cited poor scheduling and said that she was called unannounced to climb.

It was that! She had to climb “unexpectedly” because of poor scheduling. It would have been great if she had posted that.

According to the BBC, she said that her headscarf had also been lost “accidentally”.

She flew to Tehran on Wednesday morning before dawn. Her arrival was received by large crowds.

Many people cheered Elnaz as a heroine in social media videos. As she arrived, it is unclear where she is now.

The post was posted on Instagram Tuesday and the author apologized for making “everybody concerned”

Rekabi was undoubtedly terrified by the morality police’s tyranny. She was able to be clever and play clever cat-and-mouse by trying to dodge being sanctioned by authorities three more times.


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