Hunter Biden Just Surrendered in Contempt Battle Against Republicans

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Hunter Biden has surrendered, folded, or whatever other descriptor one would prefer. After originally ignoring a lawful subpoena in early December and showing up at a contempt hearing to throw a fit in early January, the president’s son is now requesting House Republicans reissue a subpoena. 

That comes after Hunter Biden refused to give a closed-door deposition, which is normal for congressional investigations. Instead, he showed up at the Capitol Building to give a disastrous presser in which he proclaimed he would only speak at a public hearing. Stephen Neukam of The Messenger says there’s been a change of heart.

What was the point of all this? RedState’s Susie Moore pondered that question on Friday, and we have somewhat of an answer. Namely, there was no point to any of this. Hunter Biden is just a really stupid person who thought he could bully Congress because his dad is the president. 

He’s lived his entire live with immense political privilege, receiving protection every step of the way, no matter how bad his transgressions were. I suppose he figured why not play the role of fortunate son again. At some point, it must have clicked with Hunter Biden and his legal team that they didn’t have a way to come out ahead by ignoring the subpoena.

Some are asking why another subpoena needs to be issued. Not knowing the exact specifics, I would assume that because the dates on the original have already passed, it would be necessary to issue one with a new scheduled deposition. 

In the end, it looks like Republicans won this round. I still think they should have immediately held Hunter Biden in contempt instead of playing this game of cat and mouse for over a month, but it is what it is. Asking the GOP to be decisive is like asking a sloth to hurry up.


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