Hunter Biden’s Ex-Wife Reveals How She Learned About Affair With Sister-In-Law


Hunter Biden’s exwife Kathleen Buhle, a memoir entitled “If We Break: a Memoir of Marital Addiction and Healing” outlines her relationship with Hunter and her divorce. She also reveals how her daughters discovered about Beau Biden’s affair with Beau’s widow through his phone. Buhle’s book excerpt states that her daughters found text messages from Beau and Hallie Biden on their father’s cell phone. Buhle drove to the house of their therapist after one of her daughters called in distress, asking her to meet them there.

Their therapist Debbie was asked to tell Buhle the truth about their affair. “Can you tell your daughter?” According to a portion of Debbie’s memoir, “We can’t do that,” she said to her daughter.

Buhle said that Debbie looked at her in the eyes and said, “Hunter is having an affair to Hallie.” After they broke the news, she described seeing her daughter’s expressions relax.

“I felt a strange vindication. It was not only that I wasn’t crazy, it was even worse than I imagined. I was shocked but not devastated. According to the excerpt, Buhle stated that heartbreak had already lowered my self-esteem over the past year. Debbie said to Buhle that Hunter had called her and that they were aware of the affair.

Buhle stated that it was a relief that there were no more secrets.

She also wrote about the relationship between Beau and Hallie after Beau’s death. Hunter spent much time with Hallie following the funeral, she wrote.

Buhle discovered a crack pipe hidden in an ashtray and made Hunter leave. She described her “own type of addiction”, which was watching Biden make credit card payments. He assured her that he was healthy and sober.

Buhle wrote that “I didn’t want to admit to myself or anyone else how unhealthy our relationship was.”

Buhle answered questions about the “Justice Department” investigation into her finances and business affairs.

She wrote in her memoir, “He started many ventures. . . A real estate investment fund, then a technology company. I didn’t know what any of it meant, nor how the businesses generated income for us. Although I was concerned that we were living beyond our means, I didn’t do anything to change that. Hunter and I managed money in a way that was simple. Hunter called me whenever I needed it. My debit card was declined in a number of stores more than once. Hunter would have to call me to transfer the money to my account. Hunter and I had nice cars and a beautiful house, but we were too fast for the hamster wheel.

Biden’s exwife wrote that after Joe Biden and Barack Obama won 2008, a Secret Service agent visited their house and stated that Hunter and their three daughters would be assigned Secret Service details. Buhle was not assigned agents, which Buhle said felt like “one constant reminder that I wasn’t a true Biden”.

She said that Hunter tried to tell her that Hunter was from a middle-class family when she first met him. She told Hunter that Hunter was a middle-class kid and didn’t have a ballroom after she went to his house.

Buhle was diagnosed in 2017 with colon cancer after her divorce. She is now four years old and cancer-free.


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