Hunter Biden’s New Legal Strategy: Donald Trump


Hunter Biden has a new legal strategy: Make his case about Donald Trump. 

The president’s troubled (and allegedly criminal) son is facing a federal gun charge after his sweetheart plea deal fell apart in early 2023. As RedState reported, Hunter Biden was initially set to receive broad immunity and a slap on the wrist, including no jail time, for multiple tax and gun crimes. Only after the judge presiding over the case pressed the issue did the situation change.

With David Weiss elevated to special counsel, the approach has changed, likely because the optics were just so horrible for the federal government. Few believe that the DOJ really wants to go after Hunter Biden now given the collusion that was taking place prior. 

With his protection racket blown up, Hunter Biden is doing what Democrats always doing. Namely, he’s trying to shift the conversation to center on Donald Trump, claiming that the former president is part of a vast government conspiracy to target him. With that, the president’s son is demanding subpoenas of the former president and Bill Barr, who was the attorney general at the time. 

Whether the judge will oblige the demand isn’t known, but I don’t see how having Trump testify is relevant to any facts in the case. Typically, arguing political bias in a court case is a losing strategy. The evidence is the evidence. Either Hunter Biden broke the law or he didn’t. 

Besides, for Hunter Biden to argue he’s being politically targeted is laughable. His father is the President of the United States. If anything, there’s ample evidence that the government has gone easy on him. The plea deal he was being offered gave him pre-trial diversion on a gun charge the DOJ is supposed to seek jail time for. Even the tax charges he was having to plead guilty to were the lightest charges against him. His other, more serious alleged tax crimes were allowed to exceed the statute of limitations. 

We are talking about a person who has gotten the kid glove treatment his entire life. If anything, the DOJ is still going easy on him given they haven’t brought charges for FARA violations, a crime Hunter Biden’s associates have been charged with for doing the same business dealings. 

I don’t see this gambit of dragging Trump into the mix working. Not unless the judge in this case is just hopelessly politicized. 


  1. Why all of the drama, we all know what the end result will be. This poor lost soul will keep on with all of the crimes, corruption, etc just like all of the BYDEN family has done over many decades. America, I believe, is as sick of this fiasco as I am.


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