Hunter’s Lawyer Sent Threatening Texts To Trickster Probing Laptop From Hell


Kevin Morris, Hunter Biden’s lawyer sent threats to a trickster, and Marco Polo member, who were investigating the “Laptop from Hell”.

Morris, an entertainment lawyer, was found snooping about the “My Son Hunter” set. He was called a Marco Polo member a “fucking moon” and a “fucknuts” along with claims that the member was going to take all their money. Screen captures show text messages reported to the Daily Mail.

Morris was initially approached by Jon Cooper, a member of the conservative group Marco Polo, to be a possible ally in Hunter’s legal defense. Hunter is being investigated for tax and gun-related violations. The Wall Street Journal reported that Hunter might not face charges due to his drug addiction. However, it seems Hunter was still able to work with his family to influence President Joe Biden.

The screen captures show that Cooper informed Morris that he had dirt on Hunter’s computer that he would share. Morris then went on to praise Cooper and send him a logo for his organization. It said, “Kevin! You have given us lots.” Morris saw the logo and began to mock the trickster using profanity. According to The Daily Mail:

Morris claimed that the trickster made threatening phone calls, but then sent him his own incendiary texts.

California’s State Bar is investigating a complaint about an attorney who claims that he entered the film set of My Son Hunter with false pretenses in order to spy on his client.

My Son Hunter is a new narrative film about Hunter Biden, which marks Breitbart’s expansion into film distribution.


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