Hutchinson: Because of Trump ‘Serious’ Legal Problems, GOP Can’t Win with Him Leading the Ticket



Republican presidential candidate former Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R-AR) said Friday on CNN’s “OutFront” that the Republican Party couldn’t win any races if former President Donald Trump was at the top of the ticket.

Hutchinson said, “Directing someone to delete something of evidentiary value that you know the grand jury wants is a crime, but it also goes to the intent and knowledge that he’s had criminal conduct. And, so, this is a serious upon serious. The first indictment, obviously, was as serious as it gets. And then here you have a superseding indictment that adds another level of seriousness.”

He added, “You see the poll numbers and I believe that they’re artificially high for Donald Trump. And with all of the external pressures on him, there’s realization that we can’t win in 2024 with him leading the ticket. And not with just the presidency involved but it is with the congressional races and the Senate races. So, a tremendous amount is at stake, as well as the future of the party. And so there is a realization growing among the base, among leaders of the party that we have to go a different direction. I think it starts here in Iowa.”

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