In Two Weeks, We Get the First GOP Debate. But, Should Trump Make an Appearance?


Two weeks from today, several GOP candidates for the 2024 presidential race will stand on a stage and debate each other on the issues and concerns of the United States. Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Tim Scott, Vivek Ramaswamy, Nikki Haley, Chris Christie, Mike Pence, and Doug Burgum have all qualified to appear on the stage, and it’s unlikely any others will between now and then.


  1. 45 should be on a separate venue at the same time the following day to address each question, other than personal, put to the various candidates. He should not be afraid to commend any candidate on ideas they may have that would MAGA. He should be able to present his own “new” ideas. Don’t even mention any crazy ideas they may have and don’t go on attack or use any nicknames for any of the candidates. Don’t even mention networks or commentators by name. Don’t say anything about softball questions. Pour heaps of coals upon their heads by no response. Give worry to the swamp by not saying what you would do unless it was a question directed at other candidates. Nothing good would come out of 45s appearance at the debate because I feel they will be more focused on him rather than issues.


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