Iowa State Fair Attendees Say Biden Too Old To Run In 2024


Iowa State Fair voters and found that President Biden was “too old” for them to run. They also stated that rising inflation will be their top concern when they vote in November’s midterms. Fox News Digital’s David said he would vote for politicians who will help Iowans. He also criticized the policies of the Biden administration, especially during the pandemic.

David answered a question about whether Biden should run for president in 2024. He said that he is “far too old.”Another Iowan stated that the economy is his number one motivation to vote in the midterms.

Greg, another voter, mentioned “lower fuel costs” as his top motivating factor for voting in the midterms. He said that he feels better under Trump than under the Biden administration.

Greg answered a question about whether Biden should run in the 2024 election.

Mary stated that she feels better under Trump. Dave, however, said that “we’ll all be better off under Trump.”Dave asked Biden if he is running the country and he replied: “I don’t believe he’s running it right at this moment.”

Iowans Phillip, Mallory and Mallory said that they are better off under Biden but they don’t want him running in 2024. Fox News Digital interviewed Pam and Doug and they said that they’re better off under Biden.


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