Is This the Real Reason Dems in Georgia Are Tanking?


Georgia Republicans are doing well at the polls, early voting results, and in the polls. Governor Brian Kemp has a clear path to reelection. The GOP also has momentum in other races, including in a congressional seat that hasn’t seen a Republican elected in 1875.

The Senate race between Sen. Raphael Warnock, D.Ga. Sen. Raphael Warnock (D.Ga.) is in the Senate race. Walker also made mistakes. Walker rebuilt his campaign and gained ground.

Walker is building momentum as the election nears, despite Warnock’s continued attacks on him.

According to polls, Walker is still the favorite. Walker is up by 1.4 percentage points according to the RealClearPolitics Average. This is a very close race.

Walker might be able to get some help from an unlikely source: Stacey Abrams (the losing Democrat gubernatorial candidate).

Abrams’ performance in the battle against Gov. Brian Kemp suggests Abrams is doing so badly against Gov. Jilani replied to Reid Epstein’s question about a quote from Stacey Abrams concerning Kemp’s support for Walker and how it was equating (no, it didn’t make any sense), with a tweet.

Jilani tweeted, “The national media misses the race. Walker isn’t dragging Kemp down.”

This is an important point that many people fail to see. Abrams may not be as well-known in Georgia as she is in the entertainment and news media industries. Many Georgia residents believe she is too big for Southernism.

Jim Geraghty (editor of National Review) elaborated on Jilani’s theory today in an email.

He said, “If Stacey Abrams is not your emotional investment in her success, you can look at Stacey Abrams coldly and conclude she may be a liability for her party in this year’s election year’s political climate.” She came very close to winning 2018 …”, but she destroyed any lasting goodwill with her assertion that she was the real winner.

We see in Georgia how terrible Senator Warnock is and that many of his failures at the polls are his fault. Walker is making great strides.

It is easy to see that Abrams’ negative effect on the Senate race and her campaign has a ripple effect on all Democrats in the state. Geraghty continues to explain

The top wanted Stacey Abrams a star, even a “superhero”, but they didn’t want her learning that she wasn’t the right candidate to run in a GOP state. The U.S. House has 14 members, all 56 state senators, and all 180 state representatives. There are many candidates for local offices and voting on various ballot initiatives. If Abrams fails at the top of his ticket, it will be a disaster.

Democrats were told about Abrams’ weaknesses as a candidate but didn’t want to hear it.

It is a year of red waves, especially in Georgia. Abrams is partially to blame. Her acolytes will not admit it.

A Georgia win is still a win.

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