James O’Keefe Refutes Biden Claim That Illegal Migrants Are Vetted Before Boarding Flights

AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

The Biden Administration is holding on to its claim that illegal migrants are being vetted before boarding U.S. flights despite a report debunking the president’s lies. 

A report from the O’Keefe Media Group found that airports across the country are allowing illegal aliens to board flights without proper identification.

OMG founder James O’Keefe has been reporting on the migrant crisis at the Phoenix airport, where thousands of illegal migrants have been caught camping out on the floor awaiting their flights, where they will then be dumped into communities away from the crisis at the border. 

A source reportedly gave O’Keefe a document that was handed out by an arrived migrant who was asking travelers for help with printing out his boarding pass.

The document contained the illegal alien’s name, airline, terminal, and flight destination, New York City. “PLEASE HELP ME PRINT MY BOARDING PASS. I AM A REFUGEE, AND I DO NOT SPEAK THE LANGUAGE. THANK YOU!” The piece of paper read. 

“You and I could not travel without showing our ID numerous times and taking off our shoes, but these supposed ‘refugees,’ as they’re calling them, face none of that security or scrutiny,” O’Keefe wrote on X.

The Phoenix Sky Harbor has become a significant hub for illegal migrants traveling across the U.S. Delta and American Airlines have been flying illegal aliens out of the Arizona airport on late-night flights and dropping them off in various American cities. 

The Arizona Tucson Sector saw 3,000 encounters daily, with 17,500 encounters weekly— the highest weekly total ever recorded.

Earlier this month, 10,400 illegal migrants were arrested by the Border Patrol along the southwest border, with the total number of illegal aliens detained dropping to a little more than 8,000. This number brings the two-day total to 19,000 migrant arrests nationwide.


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