January 6 Democrats Enlist Former ABC News President Accused Of Burying Epstein Story


James Goldston, an ex-executive at ABC News, has been hired by the House Democrats to help them prepare for hosting what they hope will be made available to primetime TV to convince Americans that Donald Trump tried to insurrect on January 6, 2021.

Goldston, who resigned from ABC News in 2021 was the president of the network during several scandals. This included the alleged cover-up on Jeffrey Epstein, an accused sex offender and trafficker of minors. He later died in suspicious circumstances in prison of an alleged suicide.

Project Veritas aired a 2019 video of Amy Robach (then-ABC News anchor), expressing frustration at the network’s refusal to publish her 2015 interview, which she had with Virginia Giuffre. Giuffre accused Epstein of sexual misconduct.

Robach stated in the video that Epstein’s suicide was not suicide and that Epstein’s murder was something she believed.

“Do you think he was murdered?” She says she believes he was killed at hundred percent. He made his living by blackmailing people. These planes carried a lot of men. There were many men who visited the island. There were many powerful men who stayed in that apartment.

From 2014 to 2021, Golston was president of ABC News. Disney owns ABC News.

Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader (R), sent Golston a note with follow-up questions regarding Robach allegations and why network quashed story. This could have prevented further attacks if published earlier.

According to Axios, while Golston may have helped to bury Epstein’s story, Democrats hope he can make January 6 a “blockbuster investigative Special” according Axios.

Axios reported that he plans to expose the material raw enough for skeptical journalists to be able to digest it in future reporting. He wants it to be seen by Americans who have not followed the details of the Capitol riot probe.

According to the outlet, Golston will build a narrative based on a mixture of interviews both live and pre-produced.

The first hearing will be broadcast on Thursday, at 8 p.m. Eastern.


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