Jewish Man Goes Undercover at Anti-Israel Rally and It Doesn’t Go Well


Protesters like to say publicly that they’re really not about hate of Jews, that they’re against the Israeli government, or against their policies responding in Gaza to the Hamas attack. 

But when you look at what they do and listen to what they say, those excuses tend to get blown up very quickly.  If it were just about being anti-Israel, they wouldn’t be pulling down posters of kidnapped children and they wouldn’t be surrounding Jewish students at Harvard. They wouldn’t be terming the purposeful killing of women and children as “resistance.” 

As I noted in my coverage of the New York City protests last weekend, they weren’t just chanting to “free Palestine,” they were chanting in support of Hamas and the elimination of Israel when they said things like “from the river to the sea, Palestine must be free.”  They call the Israeli response to the terrorists “genocide” and claim to be against genocide, while seemingly advocating for the genocide of the Jewish state and Jewish people. Some of those folks pulling down posters even deny the reality of the kidnappings, that’s how far out in the weeds they are. 

One brave Jewish guy Eliot Tebele who has a popular Instagram account decided to go to one of these rallies and expose that it wasn’t about peace or just anti-Israel sentiment at a NYC rally.  This is some pretty wild stuff. 

Warning for graphic language: 

There in such a crowd, they are more free about what they truly think. That’s when you hear the true feelings. One calls Jews “devils.” Another says it’s the fault of the Jews, “The Jews have always been a problem.” 

Tebele asks a woman where the Jews go if you remove them from Israel. “Go to hell,” she replies. Another denies the attack on Israel was a “terrorist attack.”  

He asks one man who claims that he’s “Queer for Palestine” if he knows what happens to gay people in Gaza.  The man says it’s “unsafe” here as well. Tebele corrects him saying it isn’t the same, that it isn’t ok to kill gay people by law here. 

Another woman is annoyed that Jews have a “homeland,” saying no one else has a homeland. Then she has to admit her “homeland” is Afghanistan.   Nice job getting owned by Tebele there. One has to wonder why she’s not in Afghanistan, perhaps because of the radical extremism now running prevalent there. 

Another man figures out Tebele is Jewish and then curses at him, telling him to “Get the f**k out of my face!”  

Notice what they’re not talking about the horrible actions of the terrorists and the continuing desire by Hamas to wipe Jews off the face of the earth. That’s the real “genocide” the terrorists are working on.


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