Joe Biden Breaks Out Of Coronavirus Quarantine For Trip To Delaware


President Joe Biden escaped from his coronavirus isolation at The White House and made a second trip to Delaware.

After he tested positive for coronavirus on July 21, the president spent more than two weeks in isolation. This is the longest time that Biden has been at the White House without returning home to Delaware.

The president tested positive for coronavirus again on Saturday, July 30, after undergoing six days of isolation.

Dr. Kevin O’Connor, his physician, blamed the “rebound coronavirus” symptom on his use of Paxlovid, an antiviral drug Paxlovid that he took to combat the virus.

He was placed in isolation after his positive test. This result canceled a planned return trip. On August 1, his cough returned.

Biden tested positive again for the virus on Friday, August. However, it was evident that he would not let it stop his return to Delaware.

Jill Biden, First Lady of Delaware, remained there for two weeks. Commander, the President’s new dog, was his company.

Biden had tested negative for the virus by Sunday and was able to travel to Rehoboth Beach, his vacation home, without quarantine.

He told reporters, “I feel good,” as he left White House.

This is the 48th visit of the president to Delaware since he took office.


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