Joe Biden Defends Son Hunter When Asked About His Troubles


When asked by the Republican investigation team about his son’s business dealings abroad, President Joe Biden stood by Hunter Biden and brushed off any concerns.

Joe Biden stated, “I love my boy, number one” during a Sunday interview with 60 Minutes. He was asked if Hunter Biden’s problems had caused any problems for the president of the United States. He had an addiction problem. He conquered it. He wrote about it. It’s true, I haven’t seen any of it from the United States. This would be detrimental to Hunter.

Hunter Biden disclosed that he was being investigated by the federal government for taxes. He is also being investigated for possible money laundering and foreign lobbying violations, according to the Foreign Agents Registration Act. The Senate and House Republicans are currently investigating President Biden’s son. These inquiries will likely intensify if the GOP gains control of Congress following the midterm elections.

Also, Hunter Biden’s records show that Hunter Biden believed his Chinese business associates were connected to Chinese intelligence agencies and that he was concerned about the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

His father was vice-president and his son held a lucrative post on the board at Ukrainian energy giant Burisma. During and after his father’s tenure, he pursued business deals in China. He also received millions from Chinese government-linked organizations. These associations helped him earn millions between 2013 and 2018.

Trump-appointed U.S. attorney David Weiss is leading a criminal investigation into the president’s son. The GOP wants to ensure that he can do the investigation independently.


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