Joe Biden Lectures Americans On Gun Control After Hunter Admitted To Firearm Malpractice


After Hunter Biden’s admission to gun safety negligence, President Joe Biden addressed Americans Monday about gun control.

“The Constitution, the Second Amendment were never absolute. Biden stated that you couldn’t buy cannons when the Second Amendment was passed. “I believe things have gotten so bad, that everyone is becoming more rational about it.”
Joe Biden’s progun control talk points are in contradiction to the standard that was applied to Biden and his family. According to the New York Post, Hunter in 2021 lied about his drug addiction to get a gun in 2018. Hunter was never charged with any wrongdoing in relation to this lie. The weapon has since disappeared.

Hunter stated in a text message that the FBI was involved in the case. Speaking about Hallie Biden, his former sister-in-law-turned-lover, Hunter said she threw the gun into a grocery store dumpster in Wilmington, Delaware:

The gun was taken out of my trunk lockbox and she threw it in Jansens’ garbage can. She then told me that it was my problem.

When the FBI and police arrived on the scene, she claimed that she took it because she was afraid I would harm myself from my drug and alcohol problems and her volatile relationship.

Hunter also added a string to Hunter’s text: “And then I freaked when it was missing ten minutes after she took. And when she returned to get it after I scared her s-t it was gone, which led to a state police investigation into me. True story.”

The establishment media reported in 2021 that Hunter’s reckless gun shooting was a result of FBI involvement. This would not only be corrupt but would also contradict Joe Biden’s rhetoric on gun control. Politico reported:

A curious thing happened at that time. Secret Service agents approached Hunter’s owner and requested paperwork regarding the sale. According to two people, one has firsthand knowledge and the other was briefed after the fact by a Secret Service agent.

The gun store owner refused the paperwork. He believed that Secret Service officers were trying to conceal Hunter’s ownership of a missing gun to prevent it from being used in a crime. Ron Palmieri, the gun store owner, eventually turned the papers over to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which is responsible for federal gun laws.

According to the Secret Service, there is no record of agents investigating the incident. Joe Biden was not under protection at that time and stated through a spokesperson that he had no knowledge of any Secret Service involvement.

Biden isn’t the only one to mislead people into believing they couldn’t buy cannons when the Second Amendment was created. This talking point has been disproven by outlets as diverse as the Washington Post and Politifact.


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