Joe Biden Plans Dramatic Speech Warning Of Republican Threat To Democracy After Attack On Paul Pelosi


President Joe Biden will issue a new warning about Republicans and the danger they pose for the future of democracy in America.

According to a media advisory by the Democrat National Committee, the president will talk about “preserving and safeguarding our democracy” and “addressing the threat of election denier and those who seeks to undermine faith and belief in voting and democracy.”

The speech will be delivered at Union Station, Washington, DC on Wednesday night at 7:05 EST.

He plans to use the midterm elections to protect democracy and position himself and his party as national saviours, while attacking conservatives.

Anita Dunn, White House senior adviser, viewed the speech at an Axios event. She specifically mentioned Nancy Pelosi’s husband’s attack as one of the motivating factors for the speech.

She said, “[O]bviously, we’ve seen terrible things happen quite recently — Speaker’s husband,” in Washington, DC.

Biden had previously warned about the threat that Republicans pose to Democracy in a September speech. This speech was criticised for its dark tone, and attempts to portray the opposition party as an enemy.

He stated, “[T]here’s no doubt that Donald Trump and his MAGA Republicans today have dominated, driven and intimidated the Republican Party, and that is a danger to this country.”


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