Joe Biden Warns World Facing Nuclear Armageddon From Vladimir Putin


On Thursday, President Joe Biden warned his supporters that Russia’s invasion in Ukraine would bring about “Armageddon”.

The president said that his current situation was similar to that of John F. Kennedy’s Cuban Missile Crisis and the Soviet Union.

James Murdoch hosted the fundraiser, who is Rupert Murdoch’s son and executive chairman of News Corp.

Biden said he was trying out Putin’s “off ramp” in Ukraine, as the West resists. This suggests that he is trapped.

Biden wondered, “Where does he find a solution?” Biden wondered, “Where is he going to find himself?”

President Obama warned again about nuclear war

He stated, “First time since Cuban Missile Crisis, we have a direct menace of the use nuclear weapons if things continue on the current path.”

Biden claimed that he knew Putin “fairly well.”

He said, “He doesn’t joke when he talks of potential use tactical nuclear weapons or biological and chemical weapons because his army is, you might argue, significantly underperforming.”

Biden foresaw the worst if Putin decided to use nuclear weapons.


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