Joe Biden’s Lie-Filled Inflation Speech in Los Angeles Gets Weird


Friday inflation reached a new 40-year high. The annualized rate increased by 8.6 percent in May. This puts an end to previous predictions that inflation would slow down.

Joe Biden probably planned the speech before getting the numbers. Things got a little strange.

Let’s start with his economic claims. He believes Vladimir Putin is responsible for the current inflationary boom.

Biden might not know that the internet exists. We can search for inflation data that is older than this. It is false to say that inflation is due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Biden didn’t stop there. Biden also lied about core inflation.

The president spoke about January 6th and the “MAGA gang”. Trump supporters were downgraded from “Ultra MAGA,” so I am sorry. It’s important to note how cowardly Biden is when it comes to taking responsibility for higher prices.

Many Republicans are okay with individuals and corporations paying taxes. But Republicans also understand that shouting at corporations for simply responding to market forces is not an economic strategy, it’s pathetic.

Biden claimed in his speech that the rise in gas prices is not due to greedy oil companies. Shipping costs are not up because of greedy shipping companies. Those prices are up because of the horrible monetary policy of the Biden administration. Spending $2 trillion out of the gate–when the economy was already overheated–was a recipe for disaster, and now the president has stuck you with the bill. In the face of that crisis, instead of being a leader, Biden continues to mumble falsely about Russia and bash oil companies.

Moving on, I promised some weirdness. Here it is, Biden deeply inhaling into the microphone, he talked about wanting to punch his political enemies.

This comment was made days after a leftist attempted to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh. As I have often observed, Democrats don’t always follow their own rules.

His handlers need to get in touch. We are not referring to those who suggested that Putin should be blamed for long-standing inflation. They will be very unhappy about this.


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