Joe & Pete’s Excellent Adventure


Jared Bernstein, a member of the President’s Council of Economic Advisors stated that there are about 20,000 gas stations in the United States where gasoline prices are lower than $4 per gallon.

This was probably the song Pete was singing yesterday.

Boy Interrupted, that interferes with your Administration’s twin goals of shoehorning working people into electric vehicles that rely on coal-charged batteries and cramming the greenest of all green nitwittery proposals; the final solution of the #climatecultists, energy scarcity

— manic contrarian (@SBCTA) July 22, 2022

Jared Bernstein told Shannon Bream on Fox News Sunday that $4 gas was still too expensive. They are working on it, but they don’t know how.

It appears that the Administration’s left hand doesn’t know what the far left is.

Does it mean the Biden Administration is “working on” the Green New Deal? Gas prices in America must not drop below $4 per gallon to make the Green New Deal a reality.

The sole purpose of GND is to cause gas prices and Icarus to soar, as well as our economy to suffer. It even looks like July!

Biden talks about Climate Change “emergency” Wednesday. He isn’t just talking about his cancer, but also about his self-imposed energy scarcity.

It’s a horrible deal, regardless of the color.

This will lead to higher energy prices because of declining domestic energy supplies. It is the law of supply and demand.

The law governing supply-demand is not forgiving. It doesn’t feel guilt, shame, or fear.

Sorry. It’s true.

American citizens witnessed the cruelty of market forces that politicians use to impose their will.

Joe and Pete’s incredible adventure is where they drag the country kicking and screaming to accept the Green New Deal. East LA and East St. Louis gas prices will rise to over $10 per gallon.

The gas station owners and greedy executives at oil companies won’t stop talking about Putin.

The story will change from one of blame and one of shame.

Climate Cultists make shame games a key part of their Liberal World Order strategy. They will continue to follow their plans.

Joe’s green future economy won’t let you pay $10 for gas.

You will instead be criticized for not using an electric car, riding your bike, or speeding around your day from a solar-powered mixed-use home office approved for social distancing.

They’re changing!

It seems they aren’t moving fast enough. Both Pete tweeting this and Jared’s Sunday comment suggests that they may not be mentally prepared for the changes ahead.

The bottom line: $5 gas in Denver and Chicago will scare you. (See Pete’s Tweet). Once the Green New Deal implementation has been completed and working families see red, then the political headwinds that $8 and $9+ gas create.

Talking about working families: Do you think Democrats are having trouble with Hispanic voters? Brown is what happens when you mix red and green.

Brown votes are crucial in American politics. This is what Democrats will soon discover in November.

Joe Armendariz is the Director of Government Affairs for Armendariz Partners. He is a former two-term member of the Carpinteria City Council and the former Executive Director of the Santa Barbara County Taxpayers Association, and Santa Barbara Technology and Industry Association. He is Chairman of the California Center for Public Policy. He can be reached at 805.990-2494

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