Jonathan Turley: ACLU Hit Rock Bottom Involving Itself in Celebrity Gossip


Jonathan Turley is a legal scholar who called the verdict in favor of Johnny Depp a “massive insult victory” before attacking the corrupt ACLU. He wrote the article “The Depp Trial and the Demise Of The ACLU”:

Even though actual damages are unlikely, it’s important to share the verdict with others. The American Civil Liberties Union should be the one to be most criticized.

Turley apologizes to Anthony Romero (ACLU Executive Director) for the disastrous policies that led to this catastrophe.

Romero has made it more political and more scandal-prone. It is far removed from the principles that once protected its original mission.

Emails revealed that the ACLU wrote the article at the heart of the defamation case. They knew they were crossing a line due to Heard’s signed agreement with Depp that neither side would criticize the other in public.

The emergence of the ACLU at the heart of one of the most sordid celebrity trials in history is the final measure of the decline of this once celebrated civil liberties group. It was not easy to get here. It took the determined work of former President Susan N. Herman, current president Deborah Archer, and Romeo to erase decades of apolitical and impactful advocacy on behalf of civil liberties for all. The trial put the new ACLU on full review as just another political advocacy group. What many saw was not the courageous group that once defended the free speech rights of Nazis. Instead, what they saw was an organization [that] seemed to be pandering to celebrities.

And not only pandering but using one celebrity to attack another celebrity so they could score political points against the left’s favorite villain, Donald Trump. The Federalists wrote about the connection.

They are not only pandering but also using celebrities to attack celebrities in order to score political points against Donald Trump.

Gerry Johnson wrote an email to Jodi Gotlieb, Heard’s publicist on November 6, 2018, at 2:22 p.m. The email stated that “I’d like your and Amber’s thoughts regarding doing an op-ed where she discusses how survivors from gender-based abuse have been less secure under Trump’s administration.” How people can take action. ”

You cannot get lower than defamation. I would sue them for $8 million.

Turley closed his piece with a bang.

After the Depp-Heard trial, the ACLU was in freefall. Many critics saw Amber Heard, who they considered to be the right face and ambassador of the ACLU.

Can the ACLU be held liable for their part in the defamatory article about Depp? It would be fun to find, out but the chances of Heard suing her co-conspirators are pretty slim when the person she has always wanted to abuse is Depp. Expect her to drag him through the courts as many times as she can.


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