Josh Hawley Seeks To Ban Federal Contracts For China-Linked Consulting Firms


The plan of Senator Josh Hawley (R.MO) would prevent the United States Federal Government from awarding contracts for China-linked consulting firms.

The Time to Choose Act, also known as the Department of Defense, would prevent the Department of Defense from awarding contracts to U.S.-based consulting firms that have contracts with the Chinese government, Chinese Communist Party or subsidiaries.

Hawley stated that “the fact that these consultants are being awarded large contracts by our Defense Department or other federal agencies, while simultaneously working to advance China’s efforts to coerce America is appalling”

Hawley’s legislation also would penalize consulting firms who try to conceal or misrepresent their connections with the Chinese government. They would be barred from future contracts.

The legislation would also terminate federal contracts with Chinese firms and require them to pay three times the amount that the U.S. government spent for their contract.

McKinsey & Company has been found to have worked for Chinese-owned companies while simultaneously holding federal contracts with America. The firm has received almost $900 million in taxpayer funds via contracts since 2008.


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