Judge Gives Musk Until End Of October To Close Twitter Deal


Elon Musk must close his Twitter deal by October 28th to avoid a trial. This follows the offer of the former to close the deal for $54.20 per share. Twitter claims that Musk should be closing the deal by Monday, October 10, but he is refusing to commit to any closing date.

Musk had previously pulled out of the deal citing concerns about the number of bots on Twitter. Twitter sued Musk for agreeing to the acquisition.

Musk has been granted extra time by the new ruling to make things work with Twitter.

Twitter accused Musk of delay tactics in a court filing.

Twitter claims Musk should be closing on Monday, October 10, but he is refusing to commit to any closing date.

Twitter wants to close the deal in order secure a large payout for shareholders. However, the political left is concerned about Musk’s potential takeover of one of the largest social media platforms.

Breitbart News reported that a coalition of shadowy nonprofits supporting leftist dark money, including frequent Musk opponents Bill Gates, joined forces to block the SpaceX CEO from buying Twitter.

The globalist-leftist coalition signed a letter urging shareholders to “Stop Deal” warning that the restoration and use of free speech on Twitter “would provide a megaphone for extremists who trade in disinformation, hatred, harassment”


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